Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Food just Fuel for my Vehicle?


I admit.
I have been much too lenient these past couple of weeks, post-Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon with my food.

I have basically "gone all out," eating anything and everything I've wanted for 2 weeks (mostly on the weekends). And what has happened because of it? A step back. I've taken a million steps forward just to take these (so unnecessary) steps backwards.

But it has gotten me thinking - "Is Food just Fuel for my Vehicle?" And what it comes down to is "Yes - for me - it IS!" And, "Yes, it's super, duper unfortunate." And the reason it's so unfortunate is because I've allowed myself to get in this awful rut. I eat the same things every single day. And when I do that, I'm OK. Meat, broth, bananas and more meat, broth and bananas.

But a girl can only live like that for so long before the hands fling up in the air and say, "Wait a minute - I'm also trying to have a life!" So, Saturday night, I go out with my husband and friends, we enjoy wine tasting at Ruby Hill Winery, then dinner at Zephyr and we end at 1st Treat Yogurt for some unbelievable frozen yogurt (mixed with slews of "treats")! And never mind the fact that earlier in the day I had a mixed drink, some bread, fries with chipotle ranch and a beautifully-decorated strawberry from Bouquet of Fruits.

And then late Saturday night it started to sink in...."What on EARTH did I just do?" I've been paying ever since. Stomach reverted to blah. And yesterday is when that awful mouth annoyance came back in full effect!

So as I sit here and write this, I am forced to think, to remember, and to contemplate this idea that, for me, "Food is just Fuel for my Vehicle." Keep it pure - and I'll run so smoothly. Fill it with impurities - I shut down.

But there is a positive to all this: THAT CHOICE IS MINE.

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  1. Strawberries are very healthy for you ...thanks for the mention Sarah!!! What you said is so true though about everything else but the strawberry!!!