Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive

I think that everyone deals with something in their life that could make them a very negative person, if they let it get that far. And I'm not perfect when it comes to this - just ask my husband:) But this has been extremely "trying" for me lately. I have had to think of everything possible to maintain my positivity.

It seems that lately, even when I'm sticking to the GAPS, I'm not doing well with my stomach. These problems are a mystery. I have literally (now) tried EVERYTHING in the book. I don't want to think of it like there's nothing else I could possibly do, but I'm just not sure what I could do anymore. 

Not that anyone really cares, but I've decided to start researching the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But for now, I realize that I must try to stay positive. So I remind myself that I have the best husband in the world, my dogs who rule my heart, family, friends, a career I absolutely love and the chance for something new each and everyday. 

And I carry these thing with me to keep me staying positive!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Year Anniversary

It has been exactly one year today since I found out all the things I'm intolerant to.

I can't believe how time goes by. As I look back on the past year, the journey that's happened and all that has already been accomplished I can't help but smile.

I am thinking about 2 things on this day:
  1.  Leah Vachani - Thank God for fabulous nutritionists like Leah. I have worked with her for the past year. If it weren't for Leah, I would not be where I am today. If you have been following my Blog all along, you know that we had to try many things before we found out what actually worked for me. But never once did Leah recommend medication or anything unnatural. She was patient and listened to what I was telling her. She modified when needed. And so I listened to her every word because I trusted her. I am so thankful for that!
  2. I am Just Getting Started - I still have my struggles. Each and every day. Why? Not because I'm necessarily trying to figure anything out, but because the information I am armed with is not the information I want. Knowledge is Power. But with this power comes decisions I must make each and every day:
  • They begin at 6am, when all I want is an egg white omelet with a piece of toast and sugar free jam (NONE of which I can have). And I've got to be honest - that makes me want to cry. 
  • And then when I'm trying to achieve fitness goals, but I don't know if I'll ever get there with my hundreds of restrictions. I need to have oatmeal with protein powder or fish with quinoa or chicken and a sweet potato. Yes, I can have the fish and chicken in those scenarios, but it's the carb that I'm lacking. The good carb. And without that carb it's a vicious cycle I circle around: Lack of food - hungry - craving more fruit - more hungry - not enough calories - difficult to build/maintain muscle - repeat. Let's be honest, there is only so much meat I can handle. As a matter of fact, day-in and day-out it makes me super grossed out.
  • Finally, going out to eat in restaurants or being out with friends is embarrassing for me. When I order and say, "I just want salmon - plain - no seasonings or anything on it - skip the side," I feel like I'm high maintenance. Typically they don't get it. I don't expect them to. Or when we're out with new people oftentimes I try to "hide" what I order or just simply say "I'm not hungry." I feel like an anorexic. And that's not the case. It just gets old answering 100 questions, when I just want to have fun and enjoy the company of people - not the (unwelcomed) company of food that will probably make me look 9 months pregnant within 3 minutes.
BUT AGAIN, despite all that, I am looking back and smiling. I'm happy to know that I have days that are near flawless now (today is NOT one of them - ha - coincidentally). And those days give me hope for this next year. I am happy that there are people in my life who understand and support me. But mostly, I think I'm the most happy because of the commitment I've made to me! This is not ever going to be easy, but because of it, I know me so well. I know how to listen to my body. I know when something is right and when it's not right. And I take care of it - because I'm worth it. And how can you not smile about a respect like that?!

Cheers to (an even better) Year 2!

Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Your Reason?

There is a reason behind everything we do. And there is a choice that precedes every decision we make. And thus is the reason for the decision. Sounds deep. But it's not!

Today was a "rest day" for me in my workout schedule. I did a hard leg workout yesterday and it's typically the day after that that I will take my rest day. So that only leaves 1 (maybe 2) days a week that I'm not in the gym. But today I was reminded again of WHY only taking 1-2 days/week off is max for me.

Remember why I started this blog in the first place? If not, refer here. I have a form of Colitis. I am food intolerant. And I have stomach and mouth problems that drive me crazy most of the time. BUT, I try not to focus on them. I focus on things I can do to alleviate them. 

There are 2 ways for me to do this:
  1. Through food (or lack thereof)
  2. Through my workouts
My post today is not about food. It's about the working out portion. Working out is my "friend." Literally. It's a 110% positive relationship. I think we all strive for our relationships to be like this! For me, working out = less stomach problems. Working out = a better attitude and frame of mind. Working out = control (over my stomach issues).

I will choose, almost each and every day of my life, to workout - I have decided this. And my reason is because it helps me manage all the random stomach problems I have. Ok....and I'll admit, my other reason is to keep it rockin' my entire life! 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and above - always keep it rockin', healthy and fit!

So tell me, what's YOUR reason?!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time. Commitment. And new Goals.

In less than a week I will be going to my first ever "Sports Doc" appointment. I guess this could officially prove that I am an addicted health/fitness phene:)

My feet have not improved a ton, despite the fact that I have not been running. They have definitely "uncramped" to a degree, but they are not to the point where I feel like I should be running a marathon.

I do not know what the outcome will be post-visit. But what I do know is this: I have been enjoying myself and I'm not willing to sacrifice my time for the marathon "accomplishment." Let me explain.

I have been running and running and running. Mostly because I love that feeling of "accomplishment." There really is nothing better than knowing you've accomplished something. But what I was finding is that now, not even 13 miles, makes me feel that "accomplished" because I've already achieved it. So then I had to get to 15 miles to have that feeling....and so on. 

And despite this "love" of accomplishment, I was beginning to wonder - "surely there MUST be another way to get this feeling without feeling feet-and-ache-death all the time." Between my addiction for my career, moving up and achieving other things in life WHILE still trying to maintain a personal life, quite honestly - I just don't have the time nor do I want to make the time. Running to achieve 5 miles might take 40-50 minutes. But then you get to 10 miles, 15 miles and more...and the time commitment to have that "feeling of accomplishment" just became a commitment that I"m not willing to make anymore.

I know there are people reading this thinking, "But I thought she loved it so." I do! But I can still run (willing the Doc says) just not running to the ends of the earth. Do you know how hard it is to run 20 minutes High Intensity? I could do that. Or maybe I could do hills for 20-30 minutes. The sky is the limit. 

More importantly, I think I'd like to create NEW GOALS for myself - health, fitness and overall vibrant-type goals. I'm not sure what they are yet. I'm still working on figuring that out. Suggestions?! I will, without-a-doubt get some new goal in place. (Can you tell I'm extremely "goal-oriented" yet?!)

In the meantime, I'm loving that I am extremely excited to get to the gym each and everyday. Or be outside walking with my husband and our dogs. Or going for long bike rides. And guess what? I've lost 2 pounds, am less achy and am doing it all within 1.25 hours! 

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