Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Your Reason?

There is a reason behind everything we do. And there is a choice that precedes every decision we make. And thus is the reason for the decision. Sounds deep. But it's not!

Today was a "rest day" for me in my workout schedule. I did a hard leg workout yesterday and it's typically the day after that that I will take my rest day. So that only leaves 1 (maybe 2) days a week that I'm not in the gym. But today I was reminded again of WHY only taking 1-2 days/week off is max for me.

Remember why I started this blog in the first place? If not, refer here. I have a form of Colitis. I am food intolerant. And I have stomach and mouth problems that drive me crazy most of the time. BUT, I try not to focus on them. I focus on things I can do to alleviate them. 

There are 2 ways for me to do this:
  1. Through food (or lack thereof)
  2. Through my workouts
My post today is not about food. It's about the working out portion. Working out is my "friend." Literally. It's a 110% positive relationship. I think we all strive for our relationships to be like this! For me, working out = less stomach problems. Working out = a better attitude and frame of mind. Working out = control (over my stomach issues).

I will choose, almost each and every day of my life, to workout - I have decided this. And my reason is because it helps me manage all the random stomach problems I have. Ok....and I'll admit, my other reason is to keep it rockin' my entire life! 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and above - always keep it rockin', healthy and fit!

So tell me, what's YOUR reason?!



  1. So I can feel good about myself when I wear my speedo in the summer. Oh, and when it comes down to it, most people don't have the discipline, toughness, and will-power to TRULY give it their all day-in, day-out. I believe I do. Intense weight lifting sessions don't just build muscle (and burn fat:) ), they build character...corny, but true. This character makes me a better person in every facet of my life. Work outs - I thank you for that!

  2. So I can feel good most of all. I have wanted to lose weight though that has not been falling off as planned. I like to see my growth in physical strength. I will definitely incorporate the weight loss back when I'm ready. I love to sweat, kill some calories and then rest well after.

    Keep up the great work Sarah! I'm proud of you.

  3. I love those reasons! It really doesn't matter the reason as long as there is a force making you get up and move - to make you a better, healthier person!