Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Thank YOU for being such a great, dedicated follower of my Blog! I've MOVED!!!! As of today, this Blog will no longer be used (except for post-archiving purposes). Come join me on our BRAND NEW SPOT....

Sunday, August 8, 2010


My brand new website (taking the place of this one) is almost done!

Stay tuned - Tuesday will be the day! Come back for the announcement of "where I am!" 

I am absolutely THRILLED:)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Foodie Friday: Mango Macadamia KIND

I've been gone a lot lately, and I will be gone again next week so finding things to always keep me full while on the "go" is not always the easiest thing. It is even more important, I think, when I'm away from home that I am feeling optimal!

I discovered the KIND Bars when I was in Montana. I was at a Starbucks and they had them. I picked up the Mango Macadamia one and it stated, "Mango Macadamia is delicious, all-natural, gluten-free and dairy free. This healthy snack bar is a rich source of fiber, low in sodium, and contains low GI and no trans fat." 

Runner's World Magazine even lists them as "Road Tested: Energy Bars!" 

Sure, there are a lot of calories and even fat, so it's not a bar that I would eat 4 times a day, but for those days when I'm on the run or just want something new they are perfect! They taste amazing! I love the Mango Macadamia combination - a little sweet mixed with a little salty!

There are many other flavors and types of KIND Bars. You can find them HERE. Go out and get yourself one today!

Speaking of Foodie Friday, I have been feeling Foodie Phenomenal! I have laid off on larger amounts of anything with seeds and nuts, though - even my flax. I believe it's those that cause me my lower stomach bloat. I have cut them for the most part this week and have not had problems. I did have 1/2 of a Mango Macadamia KIND Bar yesterday and no problems. Even when you eat healthy, you still must remember - everything in moderation!

Please forgive me if I'm not around yakking all things health/food and fitness this weekend. I am busy, busy, busy trying to finish my brand new website! The domain has been bought, and I am now just trying to get all the "ducks-in-a-row."

If you (or someone you know) have/has a health/fitness/foodie (or general passion for life) Blog that you want added to my BlogRoll on the new website, please email me, facebook me or tweet at me your link for consideration!

Happy Friday! CHEERS!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Leg Workout: Ouch. That's All

black and white close-up of fists with love and hate tattooed on the fingers

I have a love-hate relationship with Legs Day. Kinda-Hate the during, absolutely love the post and really hate the day (and two) afterwards. So wait, actually it's a kinda-hate-love-hate, but since the love still outweighs the hate I keep on rockin' it!

Yes, yesterday was my Legs Day. And as promised from yesterday, here is my workout: 

Legs (+ Set of Abs)

1 (a). Bulgarian Split Squat w/ weight
1 (b). DB Calf Raises
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). Walking Lunge-to-DB Bicep Curl
2 (b). (slow count) Ballerina Squats
3 (c). Walking Planks
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Hanging Knee Up
3 (b). Ab-Rope Pulldown
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Quad Extension
4 (b). Hamstring Curl
-  4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

5 (a). Bench Step-up-to DB Shoulder Press
5 (b). Deadlift
5 (c). Jump Squat
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

The end. At the end of that workout yesterday I was extremely fatigued and shaky. The exhaustion felt great! And yes, that's the "love part" that is ultra-addicting!

(And ps. my Abs are also sore. Working your abs to the max in just one or two exercises will far outweigh hundreds of mindless situps. And besides, please remember - your abs are made in the kitchen!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7-Week Program

I began my new 7-Week Workout Program on Monday. (Side Note: Why 7 weeks and not 4, 6 or 8 - something a little more normal?! Because I'm headed to MN again in 7-weeks, so I wanted it to extend right up until then!) 

Each time a workout series ends for me, (roughly 4-8 weeks) I typically take a week or two off and just do whatever I want at the gym, outside or wherever! This keeps me motivated, fresh and defers me from any burnout!

So I started a new Program this week! I am loving it already, especially because after Day 1 I was extremely sore! This is kind of a "quirky" program, but it's one that changes, yet doesn't change each week. The weight/reps/sets will change each week. The movements won't!

So here is what I did on Monday that left me sore up until today (and I am still mildly sore!):

Woman lifting dumbbell

Shoulder + Tricep + Bicep (+ Set of Abs)

1 (a). Rope/Cable Overhead Extension
1 (b). DB Military Press (Make "Y")
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). King Throne with 5 lb weight
2 (b). Grasshoppers
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Bench Dip (w/ feet up on other bench)
3 (b). DB Front Raise on one-leg
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Cable Pushdown
4 (b). DB Lat Raise on one-leg
-  4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

5 (a). One-Arm DB Tri Kickbacks

5 (b). Alternating DB Shoulder Press
5 (c). BB Curl
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

I loved it & it loved me because I was exhausted and shaky at the end. This always tells me I gave it 110%.

Stay tuned to tomorrow, when I'll give the Leg Workout I did today!


Wild Card Wednesday

Welcome to another Wild Card Wednesday! 

Triathlon montage

Feel free to ask me any question, as usual! 
This week, though, I have a question for all of you:
What are the best races (Running and/or Triathlon) for the Fall Season? And where are they held? Looking for events all over the United States! 

Please comment on this post via Blog or email me


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ugly "D" Word Meets its Match

I was gone from my home in California from July 8 - July 27th. That's an entire 20 days! The night before I left my Mom said to me, '"I can't believe you didn't "cheat" with food once."'

It was at that point when I realized how powerful my mind is.

Every other trip to Minnesota, even if just for a weekend, ALWAYS resulted in a "food mistake," which I told myself was okay because I'd "get back on track once I was back in California."

silhouette sophisticated woman in black dress hat as she holds shopping bags and kicks up her foot

That old thinking is nothing more than another failed diet. Yes, the ugly, sinful "D" word: DIET. The old thinking says, "I'm on a gluten-free diet when it's convenient for me and so that I can tell all my friends I'm a trendy, gluten-free, intellect."

I never meant to be that way, but looking back that's exactly what I was.

I am proud of what I accomplished! But more than that....I am proud to say I'll never prescribe to the Ugly "D" Word again. And that "unprescribed" kind-of-medicine yields that beautiful, strong mind!

I've Been Hired!

 (In case you don't follow my site www.digitalmention.com - post from today!)

There is one less person on the job market now that #HireHoff has been hired!

If you remember, on June 14, 2010 I launched my Campaign #HireHoff.

I had an overwhelming amount of support during this time. Here were some of my favorites:
Here are some Stats:
  • According to this Poll, most people think it will take them 4-7 months to find a new job. It took me 43 days.
  • Here is what you get if you Google #HireHoff.
  • 409 people clicked on the direct bit.ly link.
  • Viewer Geography: US, Canada, Australia, UK, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Norway, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, France and Singapore.
  • Direct Traffic: 29.33%, Referring Sites: 67.03%, Search Engines: 2.91%.
  • Currently a Top Landing Page for the site.
I had multiple people contact me during this time for various positions. I was able to network with some wonderful people, and I learned a lot about being proactive and managing my own brand: Sarah Kay Hoffman!

So what position did I take on that 43rd day?
Community Manager - Fitness/Sporting Goods (FitClub) - Sears Holdings Corporation.
If you know anything about me, you know that I am most passionate about Social Media and Health/Fitness/Food. Merging the two is an absolute perfect fit for me! I believe that a company who can take advantage of this will benefit - at least that's what I am making a 100% commitment to!

I look forward to learning about and engaging with the "community." I am excited to embrace change, growth and success in this role and bringing forth many posts to accommodate it all! (Please note: This blog will continue to be based on my personal views.)

At the end of the day, I can honestly say that even though I was forced into Campaign #HireHoff, it only re-confirmed that, "everything happens for a reason!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation Monday: 38 Ways to Beat Exercise Boredom

Contemplative Overweight Woman on an Exercise Bike in the Gym

It can be hard to find your Monday Motivation when your bored with your workout! 

Working out should not be a "chore." It should be something you look forward to. And if you are constantly changing it up and finding new things to add to the mix, you will likely never be bored!

Here are 38 ways to Beat that Exercise Boredom:
  1. Go for a hike.
  2. Go horseback riding.
  3. Change up your lifting workout every 4-8 weeks.
  4. Make a (short term) goal (Ex. Complete 10 full pushups by week 4).
  5. Make a (long term) goal (Ex. Complete a half marathon in 5 months).
  6. Make a new Playlist.
  7. Join a walking/running club.
  8. Listen to Podcasts/Audio Books while working out.
  9. Sign up for a Charity Event.
  10. Hula Hoop.
  11. Hot Yoga.
  12. Table Tennis.
  13. Take a spin class.
  14. Multi-task with Circuit Training.
  15. Join an Online Fitness Community.
  16. Get new workout apparel - shoes, shirts, shorts, headbands, etc.
  17. Get a new workout "gadget," like a fancy heartrate monitor or step counter.
  18. Workout at a different time of the day than what you are used to.
  19. Write down 10 reasons you workout. Place this list somewhere you'll see multiple times a day.
  20. Always use machines? Try free weights or cables or resistance bands.
  21. Go for a long bike ride.
  22. Swim laps.
  23. Play beach volleyball.
  24. Live near a lake? Go paddle boating. 
  25. Take dance lessons.
  26. Try Pilates.
  27. Check out Tony Horton's P90X. 
  28. Always run or walk? Mix it up with the Stair Master, Elliptical, Stair Stepper or Bike.
  29. Take a new group class you've always wanted to take, but never got around to taking. (Ex. Zumba)
  30. Mow the lawn.
  31. Go to a track and do sprints.
  32. Indoor wall-climbing.
  33. Have kids? Wash the car together! (Ok, so you don't really have to have kids for this!)
  34. Jump rope.
  35. See how many sit-ups you can do in between each commercial of an hour-long show/movie or more.
  36. Wii-Fit. Need I say more?
  37. Take a martial arts, Tae-Bo or kickboxing class.
  38. Get your booty in gear - participate in a Boot Camp.
If, after reading this list of 38 Ways to Beat (Exercise) Boredom you are still bored, then perhaps it's just your attitude that needs an adjustment!

Clearly there are many more than 38 Ways to Beat this Boredom! So tell me - how do you beat exercise boredom? What are some good ideas (activities - things to do) to add to this list?



Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch

It was Ryan's birthday this past week, so I surprised him with a mini-vacation to Quincy, CA to Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch

We had an amazing time! I always learn something new about myself each time I step out of any comfort zone. And this is the reason I love taking mini-vacations - traveling and exploring new places, especially with Ryan!

This time, we also brought the dogs with us. Greenhorn is extremely accommodating to dogs, so it worked perfectly for us!

Heading out of Town.

My Babies.

Ryan & Ms. Rae.

Ranch Chuckhouse.

Absolutely gorgeous views.

Getting ready to ride.

Ryan ahead of me on Dolly.

When Cody met Dolly.

Ranch Saloon.

Fiona hanging out in the Saloon with us.

Sweet, little girl who loved Fiona.

We loved the Saloon! Best Saloon Bartender around:)

Always in love with the country look.

Simple, beautiful and open!

The dogs loved all the space!

Running back to our room. Trying to catch up to Ryan & Reagan.

Driving home. Absolutely exhausted. (And yes, somehow we all fit in the front seat!)

If you ever have the chance to get to Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch, I highly recommend it! They were the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've met in a long time! Everything about the place from the people to the atmosphere to the activities and overall ambiance is simple, stress-free, active and yet magnificently peaceful! 

Furthermore, I really love them because when I was researching "dude ranch" and stumbled upon them, I was able to find out even more about them via their Facebook Page and Twitter Profile! I was impressed with what I saw, and I truly believed that "sealed-the-deal" for me!

So what did I learn about myself this weekend?
  1. Being active does not just mean "24/7 in-the-gym bootcamp-style rah-rah-rah." It can mean a weekend getaway (or any "daily getaway") with movement. We were highly active this weekend - always out running around with the dogs and horseback riding. I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for not being in the gym! (But I am also excited to begin my new program tomorrow!)
  2. I love horseback riding! 
  3. I CAN disconnect from my "digital life." I had no cell service. I barely jumped on my computer. Though it was tempting to be on the computer more, staying away from it from time-to-time is not only a good thing, but an absolutely critical thing for my mind, body and overall well being!
FINALLY, my husband and dogs reminded me that no matter where I am - California or Minnesota - HOME is truly where they are (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN - hope you loved it)!

And I hope all of your weekends were healthy, fit and fantastic as well! 


Friday, July 30, 2010

Foodie Friday: Salmon

Raw salmon

Foodie Friday: Salmon

I am a huge fan of fish! Fish (Wild-caught, not farmed-rasied) is so good for us (though we need to be careful of fish with high-levels of mercury; ie. Tuna).

Today I am highlighting Salmon. According to World's Healthiest Foods, "Salmon is low in calories and saturated fat, yet high in protein, and a unique type of health-promoting fat, the omega-3 essential fatty acids." They also say that, 
  • Enjoying Salmon or Tuna Just Twice Weekly May Help Raise Omega-3 Levels at Least as Effectively as Daily Fish Oil Supplementation
  • Omega-3s Better Absorbed from Salmon than Cod Liver Oil Supplement
  • Provides Cardiovascular Benefits
  • Help Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure
  • Protection against Stroke
  • Eating Fish Daily Provides Substantially More Protection against Heart Attack
  • Omega 3s Help Prevent Obesity and Improve Insulin Response
  • Omega-3-Rich Fish Protective against Colorectal Cancer
  • Increases Heart Rate Variability-A Measure of Heart Muscle Function

  • Protection against Fatal Heart Arrhythmia

  • Just Two Servings of Omega-3-rich Fish a Week Can Lower Triglycerides
And the list goes on! So how do I like my Salmon?

I love "simple salmon." My most favorite thing to do with salmon is to bake it on a little coconut oil and then sprinkle fresh-squeezed lemon juice on top. There is nothing more fresh and natural than this "Simple Salmon Recipe."

So tell me, what do you like to do with your Salmon? If you don't dabble in it much or have never dabbled in it at all, I strongly suggest you get some for this weekend! (And ps. Goes great with wine!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where the (Open)Sky is the Limit

Remember when I mentioned awhile back about my "upgrade" to the site? There are II parts to this (and hopefully more beyond that)! 

Today I am happy to announce Part I: 
My OpenSky Shop

Over the past several months, people have continuously asked me what products I use, love and recommend for various health-fitness-vibrance-foodie-related things.  

I researched the best resources and platforms for displaying, reviewing and bringing these products to you. In the end, The OpenSky Platform was by far the best! 

So what makes OpenSky different from all the others?  

HUGE #1 - My OpenSky Store and the OpenSky Network doesn't even "officially" launch until August 10th, yet they have somehow already managed to get on ABC's Good Morning America.  

#2 - This is my store. I own 100% of it and thus I will never bring to you something I do not 110% believe in. I have complete control over the products I sell and how I choose to sell them. (Please make note: My recommendations are purely based on my experiences only. I do not claim to be an expert on "prescribing" to them.)

#3 - Ted Rubin. Ted believes, "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain. :-" Ted is the Chief Social Marketing Officer & Board of Advisors at OpenSky. I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone and networking with him over the past couple of months. I believe in the passion Ted brings to the table.

The OpenSky Vision says, "Buying from people you know & trust is the best way to shop." I couldn't agree more. And I'm guessing you feel the same!

On August 10, 2010 my OpenSky Shop will go live! At that point, I will introduce some of my products. One of them I have been using this past month during my "first-month gluten-free!"

So mark your calendars - August 10th....and meet me back here - or wait - maybe in our "new spot?!?" That's Part II - coming soon!

Corporate website


Remember: Where the (Open)Sky is always the Limit! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday Day

Man thinking about math

Good Morning!

Welcome to another Wild Card Wednesday! If you don't remember what this is, click HERE.

This past week someone asked me the question (with regards to Social Media),
 "If you could give one or two words of wisdom about all of it, what would they be?"
Answer: Participate & Engage.
(And since there are only 2 words, I'll give you a little why. If you want to partake in the social space you must first show up. And then you must actually participate in the conversation and engage with people by providing value!)

Remember, the Wild Card Wednesday can be any questions you have! They don't have to be all about health, fitness and food!

You can ask via formspring (http://www.formspring.me/sarahkayhoffman) or any other way you'd like!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivation Monday: Stuck in a (Career) Rut?

Businessman Relaxing in Cubicle

How many days have you been stuck in your cubicle at work, watching the clock tick and realizing that 5 minutes has seemed like an eternity?

Don't be stuck in that position any longer - you owe it to you! But before you get up and out, you must consider 3 Important Things:
  1. I don't want to be here, but do I know where I want to be? Just because you are unhappy with your current position and/or company, doesn't mean you really know what you would rather be doing. If you know that where you are at currently is just not it, perhaps this list of 15 things might "Ignite the Spark."
  2. Why the clock ticks slowly. Have you thought about why you feel like your position is dead end? Is it lacking challenge for you? Does the subject matter bore you? Are you in an environment that doesn't fit your personality? Make sure you understand that.
  3. Financial. Does your current position financially satisfy you? If you didn't have that income and/or benefits, would you be okay? Do you have enough saved if you left today with nothing else lined up?
If, after taking in those 3 things you are confident in moving up, on and out, perhaps you've reached the end of (that) road. 

And in that case, I say - Carry On!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday will definitely be one of my favorite "themes!" I LOVE food and since I'm on a journey to find out what I can eat and how to make the best of it, being a "foodie" is truly fun for me now!

Close-up of a fork in a bowl of beetroot
Today it's all about the beet! Yes, a simple beet

I hated beets as a child. They had a taste that could not be acquired. But now I am drawn to their naturally sweet flavor!

According to WHFoods, Beets "Provide optimal health, protect against heart disease, lessen inflammation & protect against birth defects." In 1 c. of boiled beets you will consume only 74 calories and still get a whole lot of essential nutrients. 

Beets compliment salads very well! I wouldn't know about the power of beets + feta because I've never had that combination, but have heard it's phenomenal. Because I'm still a plain-old-Jane (working towards more) I appreciate spinach + romaine + beets + grilled chicken + olive oil currently. Try it out - I think you'll like it, too! And the "beet" goes on....


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday

As I mentioned on Monday, many of my Blog posts will be more "themed." I am dedicating Wednesdays to all of you! 

Girl and boy surrounded by question marks

People send me questions all of the time via email, private message and more. Typically people will preface their questions with, "I'm really sorry to be asking you this - I'm sure you get sick of people asking questions, but...." My response is always - "Please don't say sorry. I am happy to help and answer questions." The truth is that I believe the most positive thing about our lives is that we can take our own experiences (positive and negative) to benefit someone else. Mine just happen to be through health, fitness, food and an overall "zest" for life mixed with social media, marketing, personal branding and all things generation z.

That being said, Wednesdays are now "Wild Card Wednesday." To ask me a question, just go to my formspring profile & ask away! (http://www.formspring.me/sarahkayhoffman) Each time I answer (on Wednesday's only), I will have my answer automatically published to this Blog so you can all see the Question/Answer!

So what are you waiting for? Ask away! (ps. If you'd rather not ask via formspring, you can always ask via the comment section below, email or private message!)


Monday, July 19, 2010

Motivation Monday

Since my Blog has grown and I have found that there are so many things to discuss and provide, I will be moving forward with more "themed" days. 

Mondays will be, "Motivation Monday." We could all use that extra push on Mondays (along with that extra coffee)!

One of my most favorite motivational quotes belongs to Jim Rohn, who says, "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

Motivation comes from within, but is typically driven by or sustained by an outside force (person, thought, action, etc.). What is motivating for one person, will not necessarily be motivating for the next. Some are motivated by a need, others by a want. 

What's important is that you find your motivation. If you don't have any - get some. Without it, you won't form a habit and without a positive habit in place, you likely will not form positive change.

When it comes to your health, fitness and overall vibrant lifestyle - think about my 3 thoughts/questions to find your own motivation: 
  • What do you want to accomplish? Set the goal, write it down and have it in your view. You'll be more likely to stay motivated.
  • What will the outcome of goal achievement mean for you? (Weight loss, vibrancy, healthier, happier, fitter, etc?) Use motivation as your bridge to that place.
  • Just do it. Stop being lazy.
And back to Mr. Rohn, "Motivation is what gets you started....." So what are you waiting for? Get started today - after all, remember last weekend when you said, "Starting on Monday.....?!?"

Stay tuned for next Monday when I'll give you my ways to beat your exercise boredom!

Motivational sign in gym

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Month Gluten-Free Anniversary

Happy One Month Gluten-Free Anniversary to me! 

Time flies when you're busy focusing! I remember how miserable I was just one month ago!

Here is my "Food List" to date! If you would like me to email you this Excel Sheet so you can track your own, please let me know, and I would be happy to share with you!

GAP(Sarah) List - Month 1

As I mentioned yesterday, Gluten Free is the (only) way for Me! It leaves me smiling, happy and healthy!

My brother JJ & I at the County Fair on Friday night! Blurry? Yes. Why? Because JJ's friend Matt was having issues at midnight getting it right:)

CHEERS! (And here's to month 2 of new discoveries, health, fitness & vibrance - all Gluten Free!)

Gluten Free Resources

Since Gluten Free is not easy and I'd like to try to remain some "normalcy" in my life, I've started my journey with building the most comprehensive Gluten-Free Resource List I possibly can (clearly this is not even 2% of the resources out there - but it's a start)!

Here are 11 Resources to get us moving:
  1. CeliacChicks
  2. Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Forum
  3. Hold the Gluten
  4. Gluten-Free Girl & Chef
  5. Gluten Free Blog
  6. Gluten Free Mommy
  7. Jen's Gluten Free
  8. Gluten Free Food List
  9. Whole Foods Market (Gluten-Free Shopping)
  10. Gluten-Free Snacks for Me
  11. Gluten Free Dee
Bonus: A small video on Detoxifying from Gluten. Adults: make note of that awful bloat she mentions!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gluten Free, the (only) way for Me

I am making an absolute, 100% commitment to ME to be completely Gluten Free. Here's how/why I've come to this conclusion.

I see my 20-40 feet of intestines as an "upper" and "lower" half, which they are. This is why doctors do Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. Endoscopy for upper and Colonoscopy for lower. I have problems in both. The difference is that my prior doctor only discussed my lower problems and told me to cure with medications and that I could still eat whatever I wanted and my new doctor has first focused on my upper problems and is helping me (mostly) via food recommendations.

So the new doctor has found a lot of inflammation in my stomach and esophagus so far. And he knows that I get severely bloated and distended. He also knows that me off gluten makes my upper problems disappear. Thus, the first thing he suggested - adios wheat/gluten!

I am confident that the wheat/gluten is the 100% cause for my upper digestive problems. As for the lower, I am still working on this. I am headed in the right direction, but (the lower) is not to the place I want it to be. 

If the "how" didn't explain enough of the "why," then perhaps you've never felt even a slight bloat in your life and you just simply can't relate. Be Thankful!

There is not a day that goes by when I am "upper-bloat" free that I don't thank God! So many times lately I've been having these "mental blocks" where I feel like any moment I may bloat up again. My brain is remembering the past several years of constant discomfort. It's almost like some post-traumatic stress, and I clearly need to reverse those thoughts.

Couple linking pinky fingers, close-up of hands
The only way I know how to take care of those lingering issues is to make a pact with myself to be completely, 100% Gluten Free because each day I'm not faced with an "episode" is yet another day of building confidence.  

Will this be easy? No! Will I cry sometimes, as I already have? Sure! Will I want to re-think this pact? Most definitely! But will doing this make all the difference in my life? Absolutely!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Working with what You've Got

No matter where I'm at, I never let my location affect my workouts. Sure, I'll take days off - rest, relax and have fun, but I'll never use the excuse, "Well I couldn't workout because there was nothing to do!"

Being in Minnesota, at my parent's house is no different. All they have is a treadmill (old-school) and a set of 12.5 dumbbells. 

And yet, I was still able to get an extremely great workout in! Here's how:
  • 7 minutes interval running
  • 4 sets with 4-move circuit
  • 7 minutes interval running
  • 4 sets with 4-move circuit
  • 7 minutes interval running
  • 4 sets with 3-move circuit
  • 10 minutes interval running
And one hour later I was done. I was exhausted and dripping with sweat - proving that you can always get a great workout when you just work with what you've got! 



Yesterday I was in Chicago meeting with a company. My last meeting there was with the Division CMO. We began talking about me, my background and social media in general. After awhile he said to me, "Do you have a Blog?" I responded, "Yes, actually two. One that's primarily marketing and social media-focused, and the other health/fitness/food-focused." It was the latter that sparked his interest. He wanted to know more, so I told him briefly how it was "born" and why I'm so passionate about it today.

He then said, "My 14 year old son has Crohns. He is gluten free, too." And then instantly, I think we could have talked all day on the topic about frustrations, food choices, "discoveries" and so much more (especially because they have treated it to the degree I have - via food - or the lack thereof certain foods - smart people!)

Man speaking with his hand
After speaking with him, it made me realize even more how important this Blog is to me. This is not just a "Blah, blah blog" to me! Not only are there people like me out there, but there are more than I could even imagine. They are people just like me, fighting their own battles. And they are not just adults, they are children, too. His son is 14, and the little girl at my cousin's daycare is just 3 (with Celiac). I complain, cry and get negative from time-to-time about all this, but younger kids and children are the ones who really don't understand why they are the way they are. It's an ongoing daily struggle, but what I hope and pray this Blog does is truly reaches out to even one person in the form of motivation, help, advice or just a place to come to say....I read Confessions, Truths & the Journey of a (Mis)Fortunate Fitness-Foodie Junkie because, "iRelate."

(ps. I am dabbling into the idea of "moving" this blog & transforming it into something bigger. It won't happen overnight because I'll have a lot of work cut out for me, but I'm extremely excited and I think it will provide even more value to all who stumble across it! If you have thoughts/ideas/suggestions/needs/wants from this Blog, please feel free to email me, tweet at me @sarahkayhoffman or leave a comment here.) 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Heights

As promised from yesterday....highlights from Montana!

Yet another trip with Ryan. 
New places, faces and scenery!

 Because I wasn't bloated and felt amazing, I was able to climb with Ryan to the top of Mount Helena. GORGEOUS!

Mind over matter. If I could do it there - I can do this anywhere!