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Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation Monday: 38 Ways to Beat Exercise Boredom

Contemplative Overweight Woman on an Exercise Bike in the Gym

It can be hard to find your Monday Motivation when your bored with your workout! 

Working out should not be a "chore." It should be something you look forward to. And if you are constantly changing it up and finding new things to add to the mix, you will likely never be bored!

Here are 38 ways to Beat that Exercise Boredom:
  1. Go for a hike.
  2. Go horseback riding.
  3. Change up your lifting workout every 4-8 weeks.
  4. Make a (short term) goal (Ex. Complete 10 full pushups by week 4).
  5. Make a (long term) goal (Ex. Complete a half marathon in 5 months).
  6. Make a new Playlist.
  7. Join a walking/running club.
  8. Listen to Podcasts/Audio Books while working out.
  9. Sign up for a Charity Event.
  10. Hula Hoop.
  11. Hot Yoga.
  12. Table Tennis.
  13. Take a spin class.
  14. Multi-task with Circuit Training.
  15. Join an Online Fitness Community.
  16. Get new workout apparel - shoes, shirts, shorts, headbands, etc.
  17. Get a new workout "gadget," like a fancy heartrate monitor or step counter.
  18. Workout at a different time of the day than what you are used to.
  19. Write down 10 reasons you workout. Place this list somewhere you'll see multiple times a day.
  20. Always use machines? Try free weights or cables or resistance bands.
  21. Go for a long bike ride.
  22. Swim laps.
  23. Play beach volleyball.
  24. Live near a lake? Go paddle boating. 
  25. Take dance lessons.
  26. Try Pilates.
  27. Check out Tony Horton's P90X. 
  28. Always run or walk? Mix it up with the Stair Master, Elliptical, Stair Stepper or Bike.
  29. Take a new group class you've always wanted to take, but never got around to taking. (Ex. Zumba)
  30. Mow the lawn.
  31. Go to a track and do sprints.
  32. Indoor wall-climbing.
  33. Have kids? Wash the car together! (Ok, so you don't really have to have kids for this!)
  34. Jump rope.
  35. See how many sit-ups you can do in between each commercial of an hour-long show/movie or more.
  36. Wii-Fit. Need I say more?
  37. Take a martial arts, Tae-Bo or kickboxing class.
  38. Get your booty in gear - participate in a Boot Camp.
If, after reading this list of 38 Ways to Beat (Exercise) Boredom you are still bored, then perhaps it's just your attitude that needs an adjustment!

Clearly there are many more than 38 Ways to Beat this Boredom! So tell me - how do you beat exercise boredom? What are some good ideas (activities - things to do) to add to this list?



  1. Sprint the length of a football 1 time for every time Brett Favre says he's gonna retire, then comes back to play. You'll have run about 20 miles before it's all said and done! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh you are a trip! I LOVE it, but yet I hate it so much. Don't leave, Brett!