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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ugly "D" Word Meets its Match

I was gone from my home in California from July 8 - July 27th. That's an entire 20 days! The night before I left my Mom said to me, '"I can't believe you didn't "cheat" with food once."'

It was at that point when I realized how powerful my mind is.

Every other trip to Minnesota, even if just for a weekend, ALWAYS resulted in a "food mistake," which I told myself was okay because I'd "get back on track once I was back in California."

silhouette sophisticated woman in black dress hat as she holds shopping bags and kicks up her foot

That old thinking is nothing more than another failed diet. Yes, the ugly, sinful "D" word: DIET. The old thinking says, "I'm on a gluten-free diet when it's convenient for me and so that I can tell all my friends I'm a trendy, gluten-free, intellect."

I never meant to be that way, but looking back that's exactly what I was.

I am proud of what I accomplished! But more than that....I am proud to say I'll never prescribe to the Ugly "D" Word again. And that "unprescribed" kind-of-medicine yields that beautiful, strong mind!

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