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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Leg Workout: Ouch. That's All

black and white close-up of fists with love and hate tattooed on the fingers

I have a love-hate relationship with Legs Day. Kinda-Hate the during, absolutely love the post and really hate the day (and two) afterwards. So wait, actually it's a kinda-hate-love-hate, but since the love still outweighs the hate I keep on rockin' it!

Yes, yesterday was my Legs Day. And as promised from yesterday, here is my workout: 

Legs (+ Set of Abs)

1 (a). Bulgarian Split Squat w/ weight
1 (b). DB Calf Raises
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). Walking Lunge-to-DB Bicep Curl
2 (b). (slow count) Ballerina Squats
3 (c). Walking Planks
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Hanging Knee Up
3 (b). Ab-Rope Pulldown
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Quad Extension
4 (b). Hamstring Curl
-  4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

5 (a). Bench Step-up-to DB Shoulder Press
5 (b). Deadlift
5 (c). Jump Squat
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

The end. At the end of that workout yesterday I was extremely fatigued and shaky. The exhaustion felt great! And yes, that's the "love part" that is ultra-addicting!

(And ps. my Abs are also sore. Working your abs to the max in just one or two exercises will far outweigh hundreds of mindless situps. And besides, please remember - your abs are made in the kitchen!)

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