Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coconut-Honey Broiled Chicken

I have a simple, yet delicious recipe I want to share with you all today.

Coconut-Honey Broiled Chicken
  • Coconut Oil
  • Honey
  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken
  • Cinnamon
All you do is spread the coconut oil on the bottom of the pan. Place the grilled chicken on top of that. Finally, lightly coat the chicken with honey and sprinkle some cinnamon on as the final "topper!" Broil on low about 30-40 minutes. And wa-laaa, just like that, you have a slightly-sweetened, delicious piece of chicken!

Tomorrow I am doing a slight "test." I have my endoscopy on Friday, so since I have not been bloated one day since Day 1, I thought I would have 1 serving of 100% Whole Wheat (Durum) Pasta (3/4 cup). There are no other ingredients in this except that. I am thrilled for the "test," and then I will not have anything else like it for several days. We'll see if I react! And of course I'll keep you posted:)

Day 11 today! I have not introduced any new foods. I'm still feeling on top of the world, and furthermore I have shed a total of 6lbs bloat. Priceless!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Updated Shoulder, Tricep, Bicep Workout

As I updated the Summer Leg Workout, so I did I with the other ones as well! Today I bring you the updated Shoulder, Tricep & Bicep Workout. Below you will see it. You can also click HERE for it.

1 (a). Rope/Cable Overhead Extension
1 (b). BB Military Press
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). BB Skull Crusher
2 (b). DB Front Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Cable Pushdowns
3 (b). DB Lat Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Tricep Pushup
4 (b). Alternate DB Press
4 (c). DB Curl
-  3 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

A close-up of a Caucasian female's arm curling a dumbbell

Remember yesterday when I questioned, "What more can you give?" These 3 "updated" workouts make me feel like I am 110% spent. Exhausted. Worked so hard that literally I might not be able to pull out another rep. 

So here is my new Shoulder, Tricep, Bicep Workout is just more intense (and interjects an Ab set):

  1.  (a) Rope/Cable Overhead Extension, (b) BB Military Press
    1. 6 sets, 12 Reps Rope/Cable Overhead (*40lb) - 12 Reps BB Military Press (20lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  2.  (a) Ball Crunch with Weight, (b) Standing DB Side-to-Side
    1.  6 sets, 15 Reps Ball Crunch (*25lb) - 15 Rep/each side Standing DB Side-to-Side (*25lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  3. (a) BB Skull Crusher, (b) DB Front Raise
    1. 6 sets, 10 Reps BB Skull Crusher (*25lb) - 10 Reps DB Front Raise (*8lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets).
  4. (a) Cable Pushdown, (b) DB Lat Raise
    1. 6 sets, 12 Reps Cable Pushdown (*60lb) - 10 Reps DB Lat Raise (7.5lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  5. (a) Tricep Pushup, (b) Alternate DB Press, (c) BB Curl
    1. 4 sets, 8 Reps Tricep Pushup - 10 Reps/each side Alternate DB Press (*7.5lb), 10 Reps BB Curl (*35lb), RI-40sec. (Next week I will try for 5 sets).
 The end! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

What more do you have?

I was going to take a "rest day" today, but after being tied up by my computer almost 12 hours, I thought a gym session would do me well. And it did!

Only tonight when I went to the gym, I didn't wear my heart rate monitor or bring any specific workout (because I didn't have one) or even bring my iPod. All I brought was a magazine and a bottle of water. I did 40 minutes of cardio, while catching up on overdue magazine chit-chat. By the time I got to the last 15 minutes of my cardio, I wondered, "What more do I have to give to this workout?" It wasn't as intense as my other workouts, but it wasn't supposed to be. And still....I knew I had more to give. So as I walking on the treadmill, for those last 15 minutes, I cranked the incline to 7 percent and also started doing kickboxing punches. 

15 minutes later - that was all I had! I felt great. And happy! 

You have a choice in everything you do in life, whether it's working out, your diet, your attitude or your work ethic. And you must ask yourself, "Am I doing my best? Can I push harder? What more do I have to give? Have I given at least 110%?"

In other news, I invite you to check out my new "Project Bon Bons." It's in the beginning stages, but I am thrilled for it!

Today marked Day 9! Still feeling great - still amazed. I don't think that's going away anytime soon!

(Only new foods mentioned, since day-to-day I eat mostly the same foods.)
Day 9 Food:
  • Items from
  • Wild salmon with (fresh-squeezed orange, lemon & lime juice)
  • Probiotics

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is Short

The day started out like any other. 

Sunny in California. Starbucks morning with Ryan. And Church. It's hot here today - 100+ degrees. So we came home, grabbed food and headed to the gym. We went to the gym we usually don't go to because it's too big (and quite honestly I despise the "bells and whistles" gyms). Today we did, though, because they have a huge pool there. We figured a hard, hot workout followed by relaxing and dipping in the pool.

We were at the pool for 45 minutes when the commotion began. I was sitting on the pool steps reading my magazine. Ryan was laying out across from me. I saw a couple pointing in the water in the lane across from me. They were confused I think. I was confused by what they were pointing at until I looked in the bottom of the pool and saw a huge dark spot (which was a man). At that point they starting whistling & screaming at the lifeguards. The lifeguards came over, one jumped in immediately, dove to the bottom of the pool, picked the man up and they got him up on the side. At that point, 911 was called. They started CPR. He was not responding at all. The ambulance got there fast and got him on a stretcher, but during the whole 5-7 minutes nothing was happening. He was lifeless. I saw his hand just dangling in the pool. My heart ached. I'm sure he did not make it.

We left the pool and the gym.

All I could and can think about now is how short life is. I asked Ryan on the way home, "I wonder if he was happy today? I wonder what he had for breakfast? I wonder if he was mad at anyone? I wonder what he was thinking before he got in the pool?" 

Life is so short.

We go through life, not knowing when the last day is going to be for us. And I wonder about that. How do I live my life each and every single day? Do I hold grudges? More importantly, do I tell those that mean the world to me that they do mean the world to me? Do I give whatever I can? Do I stop thinking about myself enough to think about someone else? Do I enjoy life without being caught up in too many unnecessary people/distractions? Do I smile enough? Wow....I could go on and on and on.

Today marks 7 days, my one-week mark, of GAPS. I feel good. I feel happy. But I don't really feel like talking about that today. I'm skipping the blog post about my food, workout and anything else related to that.

I'll be back tomorrow - I promise. For today, just a few pictures from the weekend that make me smile. And all this to remember....


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kisses on the Beach

Then normal name is not Kisses on the Beach. It is Sex on the Beach.

I'm talking about the beverage!

Typically you make it (some version of) like this:
  • Vodka
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Optional: Cream on Top with an Orange or Cherry Garnish
I felt like having a drink tonight. Just one. So I concocted my own version. Vodka is allowed for me, so I got creative with it! Here is how I made it. These are all things that the GAP(Sarah) diet allows (and even the normal GAPS diet allows!):
  • Vodka
  • Water
  • Fresh-squeezed lemon juice
  • Fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • Fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • 4 Tbsp Coconut Milk
Clearly this is no Sex on the Beach. There is a missing "sugar" factor to mine. But my version likes me - I think it will like you, too! It's softer and easier on the stomach but still so sassy and delicious! Plus, for every one regular Sex on the Beach, "technically" you could have 2-3+ of these! Need I say more?!

Kisses on the Beach

I had a busy, fun and active day today with my husband and our dogs! Coffee and a walk this morning with the family, a 3+ mile run in the early afternoon and then I went for the first time ever with Ryan to the Driving Range to learn how to hit golf balls! More on that included:)

Did you know there are a ton of great deals on healthy food at Safeway this weekend? Some to mention today:
  1. Green grapes - .88/pound
  2. Spinach - .99/bag
  3. Pre-cut Bell Peppers - .99/container
  4. Whole Portobella Mushroom - .99/each
  5. Sliced White Mushrooms - .99/container
  6. Foster Farms Extra Lean Ground Turkey - Buy one, get one free ($7/for 2)
Day 7 Food:
  • Slow-cooked chicken
  • Magic Mineral Broth
  • Homemade chicken broth
  • Extra lean turkey
  • Avocado
  • Broiled chicken with olive oil, honey & cinnamon
  • Raw Coconut Butter
  • Extremely ripened bananas 
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Flax
  • Venti Half-Caf Soy Misto with 1 packet Honey
  • White Miso
  • Kisses on the Beach
  • Artisana 100% Raw Pecan with Cashew Butter
  • Probiotics

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today: I Love You

Today was just a solid, fantastic day. Didn't win the lottery. Didn't find a cure for anything. Didn't make the Guinness Book of World Records.

But it was still a good day. I woke up at 6am (a major sign all energy is here)! I trucked myself to Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks! I had myself a Venti, Half-Caf Soy Misto with one pack of Honey. What? SOY? That's not a part of the GAPS. (I'll explain later.)

While enjoying this perfect creation I call "life's-necessary-joys," I engaged in my first Twitterview with Joel E Carlson. It was streaming on the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It can be found HERE!  

After that, I went to the gym to do my (updated) Leg Circuit Workout. Fantastic!

And then I just had a great day working, chatting, blogging & engaging with people - all the things I love most! They say if you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life. So true! 

Tonight, I went to one of my favorite places in Pleasanton, Ca - Savvy Seconds! I got myself some cute new things on a "savvy" price, but nothing that looks like it came "secondhand!" If you are in the Bay Area, they are a MUST get to!  

I felt phenomenal again today. Sometimes I find myself over-thinking my stomach, wondering if I can feel it getting bloated. Now that's in my head. I'm glad to know it! I realized something today, though (back to what I said in the beginning about Soy). I follow the GAPS Diet, but I'm changing the acronyms. Again, it stands for: Gut and Psychology Syndrome. But what is a "syndrome?" A syndrome is a term used when you don't "really" know what's wrong. It's kind of like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. That's basically what everyone is diagnosed with when all their tests come back normal, but they still complain of stomach problems. 

I don't want to be in that category!

My new name for the diet I follow: Gut & Psycology (Sarah). Why? Because even foods that are "allowed" on this diet, don't actually like me! Take a peek at the "Allowed" & "Not-Allowed" Foods. For example on the allowed list you will see beans & vegetables, most of which I can't eat. I will bloat and be miserable almost immediately. 

However, take "soy" which is technically not allowed. In small quanties, this is okay for me. I don't react. And in my Starbucks Misto this morning, it was less than 1c. for sure. I will not go overboard on soy anymore because I believe that soy intake needs to be moderated for the general population and most definitely for me. But if I don't react, I'm not taking it out just because GAPS says so. GAP(Sarah) says it's okay!

What you start to realize while on GAPS Diet is that once you re-introduce something, you'll know almost immediately if you react. Anyways I do! The basic concepts I hold close to me. After all, they have proved miracles!

Day 6 Food:
  • Slow-cooked chicken
  • Magic Mineral Broth
  • Homemade chicken broth
  • Slow-cooked turkey
  • Avocado
  • Broiled chicken in Olive Oil
  • Raw Coconut Butter
  • Extremely ripened bananas 
  • Fresh lemon squeezed into water and put onto broiled chicken 
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Flax
  • Venti Half-Caf Soy Misto with 1 packet Honey
  • White Miso
  • 2 oz. Red Wine
  • Artisana 100% Raw Pecan with Cashew Butter
  • Probiotics

Updated Leg Circuit Workout

I have an Updated Leg Circuit Workout from the one I shared with you a few weeks ago:

1 (a). Bulgarian Split Squat - no weight
- 3 sets; 12-reps/leg; RI = 30-40 sec. -

2 (a). Squat - no weight
2 (b). Moving/walking pushups - no weight
2 (c). Medicine Ball Chop
- 3 sets; 10-15 Reps/each; RI = 30-40 sec. - 

3 (a). Hamstring (in-and-out) on Ball
3 (b). Calf Raise -no weight
- 3 sets; 15-20 Reps/each; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Bench Stepup - no weight
4 (b). Medicine Ball Chop + Squat
4 (c). Jumping Split Squats
-  3 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

My new Leg Circuit Workout is just more intense (and interjects an Ab set).

Here it is:
  1. Bulgarian Split Squat (deeper) - no weight 
    1. 5 sets, 12 Reps/Each Leg, RI-40 sec. (Next week it will be 6 sets.)
  2.  (a) No-weight deep squat, (b) Walking pushup, (c) DB Chop
    1.  5 sets, 15 Reps/squat - 8 Rep Walking pushup - 10 Reps (*15 lbs) DB Chop), RI between each set-40 sec. (Next week it will be 6 sets)
  3. (a) Side (Oblique) Dips off bench, (b) Off-Bench V-ups
    1. 3 sets, 10 Reps each side/oblique - 20 Reps V-ups, RI-30-40 sec. (Next week I'll try for 4 sets).
  4. (a) Hamstring (in-and-out) on Ball, (b) No weight calf raise
    1. 5 sets, 16 Reps hamstrings - 25 Reps calf, RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 6 sets)
  5. (a) No-weight bench step-up, (b) Stiff-Leg Deadlift, (c) Jump- Split Squat
    1. 4 sets, 12 Reps each side/bench step up - 10 Reps (x40lb) Deadlift - 14 Reps Jump-Split Squat, RI-40sec. (Next week I will try for 5 sets).
Did I do Cardio afterwards? H#$% No! I was so tired! I warmed up for 5 minutes, and the entire workout took me just a little over 50 minutes to complete. I was super shaky and "spent" when I was done with that one! When you have little resting time in between sets and you're constantly moving, you are getting a double-whammy out of your workouts. 

While the "no weight" (or very low weight) might seem nonsense, it's not! Trust me, this was hard! But again, you always have to do what makes sense for you and your goals. My workouts are finally starting to make sense for me! (My proud moment in the gym today was when a lady came up to me and said, "Are you a trainer?" To which I responded, "No, sorry." And she said, " look like you should be." #ThankYouMA'AM!)

So go ahead, give it a try! Let me know how it goes!



      Thursday, June 24, 2010

      Bananas & Balls

      Lacrosse Balls, silly!

      I ran today! I went at my own pace and absolutely enjoyed it. I took it easy, since my plantar is still not the greatest. It's okay. If I'm going to run occasionally, though, I must roll on my lacrosse ball.
      The lacrosse ball looks like this:

      And here is a video of someone demonstrating with it: (You don't need to view the whole thing if you don't want!) 

      I ate 2 Bananas today. They were so delicious. My one source of sugar! But remember, I can't just have "any" banana, my bananas are supposed to be extremely ripened, like this:

       Day 5 Food:
      • Slow-cooked chicken
      • Magic Mineral Broth
      • Homemade chicken broth
      • Slow-cooked turkey
      • Lean beef
      • Avocado
      • A little coffee with Coconut Milk
      • Broiled chicken in Coconut Oil
      • Raw Coconut Butter
      • Extremely ripened bananas 
      • Fresh lemon squeezed into water and put onto broiled chicken
      • Probiotics
      I was amazed with the ease in which I ran, and also the energy that accompanied it afterwards. My fatigue is finally lifting, we are on the home stretch! Gosh that feels good....

      Make sure to check out my previous post from today, if you haven't already! 


      But my Grocery Bill got in the way....

      How many days/times have you thought to yourself either:
      1. I would eat healthy/organic/gluten free/etc., but I can't afford it?
      2. I'm trying to stick to this diet, but it's getting too expensive?

      I think we have all been there at one point or another. I know that you can do all these things, but where most people get caught (me included) is having the time to "sift" through stores, ads, online, etc. for the best deals and best places to shop with the best prices to make this affordable!

      Since my interest is finding these, what if I did this for you? I would invest my time in order to save your time, all while getting us healthy, fit and fabulous and being able to use the extra money to put towards a sassy, classy, hot new outfit or anything else your heart desires!

      If you would be interested in this please do one of the following to help me get my process started:
      1. Add a comment here, letting me know which (food and/or restaurant) places you shop at (or would like to shop at but just don't due to budget constraints - ie. Whole Foods).
      2. Tweet at me, with any thoughts, places, needs & wants. 
      3. Send me a Facebook Message on anything pertaining to this.
      4. Take this Quick Poll for an easy submission. (If you don't want to take it there, please feel free to pick your options and Facebook Message me!)

      Please remember: I am not promoting me for a "one-stop-shop" for any and all food needs. There are plenty of bloggers out there who do this. One of my favorites is The Frugal Find. What I am is someone who wants to bring you the best deals in health, fitness and food. For example, this doesn't mean I won't find deals on "chocolate," but I'm not going to bring you deals on Snicker's Bars. I don't promote them because I know there are much better alternatives. So, I might bring you deals on the best chocolate(s) for you (since Lord knows we all need some from time-to-time). 

      Thank you for your help! 


      Wednesday, June 23, 2010

      Confessing & Truth-ing Upgraded

      What started out as me "confessing, truth-ing" and sharing my journey with you has and is evolving into something much more! 

      I am excited to share that very shortly I will be announcing a huge new major feature to my Blog! At this time, there is one....I am currently working on the second! Am I telling you this for "self-promotion" reasons? NO! Absolutely not! I am telling you this because this is something you will benefit from as well! And because - the truth is that I am so passionate about feeling optimal and helping you also become the (healthy, happy, passionate, inspired - and - skinny diva) you've always wanted to become! It's not about molding into a "picture-perfect" anybody. It's about molding into a "picture perfect" YOU. And that's the most important "perfect" any one of us can achieve! 

      Again, I am not allowed to announce anything yet. On the left-hand side you will see a "Keep Up with Me" and a button which allows you to "FOLLOW." Click that. You'll never miss a posting!

      Today was a phenomenal day! It wasn't like my energy was skyrocketing by any means, but it was sustainable energy all day long!
      I made it though a hard workout. It felt so great. I didn't feel the urge to nap. And there was no bloat. I added in my extremely-ripened bananas today, too. (Yes, they are allowed....yummy, delicious carb here I am!)

      I think you will notice via my "daily food log" that I eat fat. A lot compared to before. But don't let "fat" fool you. All fat is not created equal. And fat is not the enemy! I have only lost weight!

      Fat gets a bad name due to the huge amounts of saturated fat that we consume on a daily basis. McDonald's is very open with telling you that a "Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese" has 19g of Saturated Fat.

      "The American Heart Association recommends limiting the amount of saturated fats you eat to less than 7 percent of total daily calories.  That means, for example, if you need about 2,000 calories a day, no more than 140 of them should come from saturated fats.  That’s about 16 grams of saturated fats a day." 

      In your McDonald's sandwich alone you have gone over. Enough said.

      But in foods like avocados, almonds, salmon, olive oil and others, you will get the healthy fats that help (not hurt) you. These are better known as "monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids." This is not giving you permission to stuff your face with them all day long. They do still contain calories, a lot of them! But what it means is that you should get some in your diet each and every single day. 

      I never miss a day without having them!
      (Side note: You are thinking, "but you always promote your Coconut-based products to be so good and they contain mostly saturated fat." Never fear, there are different kinds of "saturated fat." If you think it's the "bad" kind, it probably is. Coconut is not. Read more HERE.)

      Day 4 Food:
      • Slow-cooked chicken
      • Magic Mineral Broth
      • Homemade chicken broth
      • Slow-cooked turkey
      • Lean beef
      • Avocado
      • Broiled chicken in Coconut Oil
      • Raw Coconut Butter
      • Extremely ripened bananas
      • Probiotics

      Alright, that's a wrap for me today. Tomorrow I'm throwing a question out for all of you. Stay tuned....


      Tuesday, June 22, 2010

      I'll Make it through...Thank You Mr. Coconut Butter

      Have I ever told you before about my Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter? If not, now is the time. If so, tough - listen again because it's that good!

      Today is Day 3 of my GAPS. Overall, I feel better than I did the 1st two days. But I'm still virtually carb/sugar free. Oh it's so hard! You don't realize it until it's gone. You can say you've given up sugar, but just because you are eating "sugar-free" or "artificial-sugar" products doesn't mean you are actually sugar-free. And that's the rough part. I was thinking, "A sugar-free stick of gum or some sugar-free jello sure would taste great right about now."

      But then I remembered a "sugary taste" that I can have (and that I should have) that I haven't had yet (except a little yesterday) - Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter. It is so unbelievably good! I just eat it plain, for the calories and for the taste. I try to limit to 2 Tbsp/day, but if I go over, oh well! For "normal" people, you can put this on toast, fruit or any baked goods. For me and for anyone else like me, eating it plain suffices way beyond belief! Do yourself a favor - get yourself some today. You can thank me by posting pictures (you + Mr. Coconut Butter) on my Facebook Page or Tweeting at me!

      In other news, I had my doctor's appointment today.  All my tests came back fine. He is still certain there is something going on (obviously) especially since I have cut Wheat, Gluten and Dairy and "magically" I'm better. I have another endoscopy next Friday. This time, he said, "the tube will be longer." And if that shows nothing, he said that I may be the rare (handful) of his patients that don't ever show things by blood work or other tests/panels, yet have an intolerance that is only "cured" by keeping away from those foods.  

      I will do whatever it takes to feel better. Whatever!

      Day 3 Food:
      • Slow-cooked chicken
      • Magic Mineral Broth
      • Homemade chicken broth
      • Slow-cooked turkey
      • Lean beef
      • Avocado
      • Broiled chicken in Coconut Oil
      • Raw Coconut Butter
      • Probiotics
      I had more energy today, but still not a ton. I was able to make it through a 35 minute (fairly intense) workout before I crashed. After the doctor's appointment, I felt tired again. I just need rest because I know the end (of the fatigue) is in sight. And that is super encouraging and inspiring to me!


      Monday, June 21, 2010

      Day 1 & Day 2 (and a) Last Supper

      GAPS: Day 1&2. It's never easy. It's especially never easy when you start on a Sunday, the Sunday of a huge Country Concert you've been waiting for for months.

      But there was no better day than yesterday to start. I knew if I could get through it then, I could get through it any day!

      I had my "Last Supper" Saturday night. It was so good. The night started off at the movie theater (Toy Story 3 - go see it!) and we got a jumbo fountain soda drink (yes, a contributor to my misery).
      After the movie we went to dinner with a bunch of friends at On the Border. Chips, salsa, margaritas, dinner and then we even stopped for some Golden Spoon on the way home. Stuffed. Satisfied. The Last Supper. 

      I woke up in the middle of the night sick. Of course! 

      Day 1 of GAPS was very trying, of course. My body craved sugar and carbs. I was tired. But again, I stuck with it.

      Day 1 Food:
      • Slow-cooked chicken
      • Magic Mineral Broth
      • Slow-cooked turkey
      • Avocado
      • Probiotics
      Day 2: today - Monday, June 21. A day with two complete extremes of love/hate. On the one hand, instantly - in one day - 2+ pounds of bloat gone. No bloat. None. At all. Guys can appreciate this some maybe, females can and will totally relate to this and people who struggle with any sort of stomach problems will find this unbelievable. Believe it!

      But, the sacrifice I paid was a fatigue that was so awful. I am typically wide awake around 6am. Today - 8:20am. And then it was just slump, fatigue and that awful feeling all day. I had to sleep and then sleep some more. I was of no use. I am certain this is all part of the Detox Phase. Day 2 last time was the SAME.

      Day 2 Food:
      • Slow-cooked chicken
      • Magic Mineral Broth
      • Slow-cooked turkey
      • Avocado
      • Broiled chicken in Coconut Oil
      • Raw Coconut Butter
      • Probiotics
      I would have loved a date with Mr. Gym today. I really had every intention of going today, but then I just decided to not force myself. I will tomorrow, even if it's just to get some movement. I know the energy will come back, (especially once I re-introduce bananas) but in the beginning detox and no carbs/sugar it is so difficult. 

      I am praying for a better tomorrow. I know it can only go up from here!


      Sunday, June 20, 2010

      Father's Day

      Today is Father's Day. 

      I am reminded of how fortunate I have been for the past 27 years to have an amazing Father. I have always been, "My His Girl."

      My favorite thing I said about my Father last year on Father's day was:
      "But my Dad would give the shirt off his back for a stranger. He would give his last penny to a friend in need in a heartbeat. And again, it's because he believes he has everything he wants. He has mastered a simple and beautiful life that I am striving for. I adore my Father."
      I remind myself of these things so often. (Probably because I have seen such a lack in these values from people lately.) But reminding myself. And remembering where I'm from and how my Father taught me to treat people with respect, help them when they need help and trust even when it seems "off" get me through the little (because they are "little") things in life.

      There are many reasons why I'd love to live back in Minnesota. My Father is one of them.  

      I get my impatience from my Father. And my "unfiltered" language sometimes. I think I got his smile. And his long legs. I'm fairly certain I got his nose. I hope I got his dedicated, sincere work ethic. 

      The world has been a much better place with my Father! I love you. Miss you. And I keep a special place for you in my heart....2,000 miles away!

      Happy Father's Day!

      Saturday, June 19, 2010

      I Guess this is the "Confessions" Part

      Almost a year has passed since I did my first-ever GAPS Day. I can't believe it. Monday, August 3, 2009. Remember? If not, HERE it is.

      Here is where I guess the "Confessions" part of my Blog Title come into play. After my first hugely successful "bout" with the GAPS Diet, I stopped. Why? Because quite honestly I got so sick of it. It's so hard to stick to. It's boring. It's blah after awhile. 

      But I have been so sick lately. I'm on to a new doctor, hoping that this 2nd opinion is the opinion I'm looking for. If not, like I mentioned earlier, I may seek out the Mayo Clinic. So I had tests done. I get the results this week. (He seems to think Celiac. I don't think it's that - already been tested for that.)

      In the meantime, I've just been more miserable. I've been eating what I want, but at the same time I've been watching calories (counting them) and working out 5-6 days a week (via my Summer Workout). But something wasn't adding up. I felt like I was doing things right, but my body was telling me otherwise. Most days I feel like I'm 6-months pregnant - I'm not:)

      If I'm to be completely transparent with you, here is a list of common daily foods for me these past few months: Wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sugars, additives/chemicals of all sorts, heavy caffeine and sugar, sugar and more sugar. And the funny thing is that I tried to be fat-free, sugar-free - always. And I nailed it a lot. But....the miserable feelings have persisted.

      I'm exhausted.

      I really am.

      Time to go back to a time when I felt phenomenal. I sat here today and read several posts from Monday, August 3, 2009 on. Wow! That was refreshing. So refreshing! 

      And for once, I'm hopeful again. All I need to do is put the time in. Put my energy in. Put my thoughts in. No one can do it but me, and no one could ever understand why I have to do this but me. 

      After so many "wrong" things lately, this is something that I'm going to do for me. I need to focus on me. Once I'm feeling at my optimal again, the world will seem so much more friendly. I'm certain of it!

      Here we go.... 


      Wednesday, June 16, 2010

      No Cheese like my Laughing Cow Cheese

      Get your Laughing Cow Cheese today! No, really! There is nothing quite like my Laughing Cow Cheese. 

      I'll let you in on a secret as to why I love them so much (two secrets actually):
      1. The Laughing Cow Brand is all about living healthy, being fit, fabulous and achieving a vibrant life. Don't believe me? Check it out!
      2. The obvious. The taste is unreal and the calorie count even more unreal. For 35 calories I get all the flavor I need when I make my "tofu-wrap" recipe (which you can view by clicking above on the "check it out!)

      Sunday, June 13, 2010

      When the going gets Tough....

      How many times have you been kicked down and thought, "Wow, how am I going to get myself up and ready for the next challenge?" I guarantee that every single time this has happened you ultimately have gotten up and moved on with it. The only question is,
      Don't let anything take you down for too long, if at all! Get up, look it in the eye and keep moving! 

      Of course you have no idea what I'm talking about (okay, maybe like 5 people reading this do). I will reveal it soon - what I'm up to - what I've been up to! 

      It's so true...."When the going gets tough, the tough get going (and creative!!)"

      Until then, CHEERS!

      Wednesday, June 9, 2010

      Confused about Twitter?

      Since part of my goal through this Blog is to reach an infinite amount of people, it should come as no surprise that I love Social Media. I have talked about it some on this Blog before, but it is a huge part of my life. I have made a career out of it. 

      My love for Marketing meshed with Technology, the Digital and all things Social lead me there! 

      If you haven't seen my website yet, you can find it by clicking HERE OR you can see it in the right column titled, "Digital Mention by she." (she = sarah hoffman enterprises)

      From time-to-time I am going to put up Social Media-related posts here. I think people enjoy them and can benefit from them. 

      Today: Confused about Twitter? For the full version click HERE to be taken to my original article. (QUESTION: What types of Social Media information/articles/how-to's do you want to see??)

      One piece of advice to kick this off, go out and get yourself Hollis Thomases’ book, "Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day." (I got it directly from Amazon - link/picture to the left.) I bought the book just recently. I learned so many new things, but it would have done even more wonders for me had I picked it up from the beginning!

      So, Twitter: not a nasty 7-letter word
      • The very basics:
        @xyz = saying something to someone, everyone in your network – people that follow you will see it
        d @xyz = sends the person a direct message – which they can only receive if they are following you
        RT @xyz = retweets something the particular person has already said – goes to your entire network
        #hashtag = a trending topic – an index of finding everyone talking about that topic
      • Don’t spam.
        Don’t go on Twitter expecting to “sell, sell, sell.” As a matter of fact, until people like and trust you, I recommend not selling at all.
      • Show up to Participate. And Add Value.
        Participate in the conversation happening. Engage with people. Show your personality, without talking about yourself or your business in every tweet. Say you are a Local Fitness Club. For every one tweet you put out that makes “noise,” (ie. I’m listening to my iPod and wondering what workout to do at the gym tonight) you should put out 3-5 “added-value” tweets (ie. Great article on the best fitness routines for summer). See the difference? People care less about you and more about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me.)
      • 140 characters. Wait, maybe just 125 characters.
        You are allowed 140 characters per “tweet.” But if you want to be retweeted, try to fall under that so there is enough room left for added commentary by the “retweet-er.”
      • Shorten that Link.
        When you want to include a link into your Tweet, make sure to use a URL-shortening service. You have many to choose from. Here are just a few:,, and budurl. Not only, will they reduce the overall characters used, but they also provide you with a platform to track
        how many people click on the links you have provided!
      • Find Locals Talking about things Relevant to You and Your Business
        Didn’t think this was possible? It is! One of my most favorite tools to use is You can actually track anything on Twitter you want. For example, for my clients, I always set up certain keywords that happen within a certain distance. I have them sent to me 2 times/day so I always know what’s going on. It is a great lead-generation tool, among many, many other things.
      • Don’t Underestimate the Power of Twitter Advanced Search
        Local Business will always benefit from the standard Twitter Advanced Search. Just a couple of minutes navigating through it will show you all the capabilities.
      Twitter is not scary. Twitter is not useless. I have skimmed over very, very basic Twitter applications and “tips.” There are thousands of tools out there to help you get the most out of your Twitter strategy.
      Of all the tools, tips and tricks, nothing compares to the fact that in order for it to work, you must show up and actively engage. People like to share and talk on Twitter. They don’t like to be sold to, and they are definitely turned off by the classless “salesman” pitch. Keeping your “voice” authentic and consistent on Twitter can do wonders for you. Just give it a little time, patience and personality!

      Monday, June 7, 2010

      An Unlikely Pizza

       One of my most favorite things to do is to take "bad" foods and make them "good." Why? Because I'm just like you. I love food - and I don't want to eat lettuce all day. I refuse to. But because I'm (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) when it comes to food, health, fitness and working out, I am overly conscious about everything. Some call it annoying. I call it "why the hell can't everyone see the benefit of this?!" 

      Since not everyone can or cares to, I do it, post it and hopefully those of you who try it love it, too! So....
      Have at it! Brought to you by the, nutritionals on all your favorite pizzas! Scared? I'll help you with one. The average 14" Pizza, Cheese Topping, Original Crust has (per 3.6 oz/1 slice serving): 272 calories, 9.8g fat (4.4g saturated), 33.6g carbohydrates and 551mg sodium. And consider, this is the average, with only cheese and just one small slice. And let's be honest, we never have just one slice. Ever!

      Pizza, done right, can simply be alright - for all of us! I wanted to gauge whether or not people are interested in this sort of "foodie post" before I put a ton of work in it. So I have to be honest when I say that I don't have the exact nutritionals, products and brands. But here is what I do know about my Pizza I made:
      • Low-Carbohydrate, High Fiber Tortilla (80 calories and 12g fiber)
      • Made with tortilla, low-fat cheese, sauce, extra-lean turkey and mushrooms
      • We guessed it was less than 350 calories (for the entire pizza!)
      Taste = A (you will only find an A+ when it's done exactly right to my "likes:)")

      What you could do differently = Add more vegetables. They are super-low calorie and great for you (I have to be careful with them due to my stomach issues)  

      What I would definitely do differently
      1. Different sauce (Don't get me wrong, it tasted great, but I know there is a much lower-sugar one available at the same great taste.)  
      2. Sprinkle some herbs and spices on after the sauce is on (zero-calorie flavor!)
      3. Use a different cheese. I would attempt to make a Laughing Cow Cheese work because it's one of my favorites.
      Beyond that, I'm all set! We had it on Friday night. It's a great Friday-night meal.'s a great meal any night!

      So tell me....what is your most FAVORITE "junk food" or otherwise "unhealthy food?" I'd love to cook up another "unlikely health food!"


      Sunday, June 6, 2010

      (Monday-Eve) Inspiration

      Sometimes I think that we could all use a little "gas for the engine" on Sunday nights to get prepared for the week ahead!

      So I'm giving that to my reader's tonight. 

      I received an email this weekend from someone I look up to and respect a lot. I have held this close to me all day since reading it. He told me, 
      "Successful entrepreneurs are built on a foundation of failures."
      This could not have come at a better time for me. I would guess many of you reading this can relate as well. 

      Heading into each and every single week, I have an optimistic outlook. What's exciting for me (now) is the thought of "what if," and never "I am dreading tomorrow because it's Monday." 

      I get these visions, imaginations and make my "To Do" list for the week in hopes of moving up, shaking it up and finding the success I'm working so hard to create.

      But with that - ultimately - will come (and have come) failures. For you. And for me. 

      Heading into the new week, I move forward like I always do - many visions, imaginations & a "To Do" list so large that I just may get great with prioritizing! And I remember, "Successful entrepreneurs are built on a foundation of failures." I know it's coming!


      And ps. Happy Birthday to my Baby Great Dane, Reagan, who turned 2 years old today! She is our heart - our lives would not be the same without her.