Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Workout: Day Off

Today is an "Off Day." And we need these days. They help us repair, recover and rest so that the next day we are better, stronger and ready as ever!

In case you missed them, here was Workout Day 1 and Workout Day 2.

Since it's an "Off Day" today and I don't have a workout to share with you, I wanted to offer up a deal! If you live in the East Bay area and are looking for a killer workout, I highly encourage you to check out the UFC Gym in Concord, CA. This is not just a Gym for Men. No, Women and Children participate in many things as well there! It's the Ultimate Fitness Experience. And remember what I said - ultimate usually yields faster results!

Maybe you'd like a shot at winning one of these? Click HERE to do so!

Have fun! If you are taking this as your "Day Off" with me, remember 2 things:
  1. You should still get some sort of movement in. I will probably go for a walk with my husband and dogs or a bike ride. 
  2. If you get the 1-month membership to the UFC Gym that will take you through this 4-week program. You could substitute any of your "cardio" for classes there!
Questions? Let me know! Feel free to reach out to me HERE!


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