Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Updated Shoulder, Tricep, Bicep Workout

As I updated the Summer Leg Workout, so I did I with the other ones as well! Today I bring you the updated Shoulder, Tricep & Bicep Workout. Below you will see it. You can also click HERE for it.

1 (a). Rope/Cable Overhead Extension
1 (b). BB Military Press
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). BB Skull Crusher
2 (b). DB Front Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Cable Pushdowns
3 (b). DB Lat Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Tricep Pushup
4 (b). Alternate DB Press
4 (c). DB Curl
-  3 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

A close-up of a Caucasian female's arm curling a dumbbell

Remember yesterday when I questioned, "What more can you give?" These 3 "updated" workouts make me feel like I am 110% spent. Exhausted. Worked so hard that literally I might not be able to pull out another rep. 

So here is my new Shoulder, Tricep, Bicep Workout is just more intense (and interjects an Ab set):

  1.  (a) Rope/Cable Overhead Extension, (b) BB Military Press
    1. 6 sets, 12 Reps Rope/Cable Overhead (*40lb) - 12 Reps BB Military Press (20lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  2.  (a) Ball Crunch with Weight, (b) Standing DB Side-to-Side
    1.  6 sets, 15 Reps Ball Crunch (*25lb) - 15 Rep/each side Standing DB Side-to-Side (*25lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  3. (a) BB Skull Crusher, (b) DB Front Raise
    1. 6 sets, 10 Reps BB Skull Crusher (*25lb) - 10 Reps DB Front Raise (*8lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets).
  4. (a) Cable Pushdown, (b) DB Lat Raise
    1. 6 sets, 12 Reps Cable Pushdown (*60lb) - 10 Reps DB Lat Raise (7.5lb), RI-30 sec. (Next week it will be 7 sets.)
  5. (a) Tricep Pushup, (b) Alternate DB Press, (c) BB Curl
    1. 4 sets, 8 Reps Tricep Pushup - 10 Reps/each side Alternate DB Press (*7.5lb), 10 Reps BB Curl (*35lb), RI-40sec. (Next week I will try for 5 sets).
 The end! 

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