Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'll Make it through...Thank You Mr. Coconut Butter

Have I ever told you before about my Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter? If not, now is the time. If so, tough - listen again because it's that good!

Today is Day 3 of my GAPS. Overall, I feel better than I did the 1st two days. But I'm still virtually carb/sugar free. Oh it's so hard! You don't realize it until it's gone. You can say you've given up sugar, but just because you are eating "sugar-free" or "artificial-sugar" products doesn't mean you are actually sugar-free. And that's the rough part. I was thinking, "A sugar-free stick of gum or some sugar-free jello sure would taste great right about now."

But then I remembered a "sugary taste" that I can have (and that I should have) that I haven't had yet (except a little yesterday) - Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Butter. It is so unbelievably good! I just eat it plain, for the calories and for the taste. I try to limit to 2 Tbsp/day, but if I go over, oh well! For "normal" people, you can put this on toast, fruit or any baked goods. For me and for anyone else like me, eating it plain suffices way beyond belief! Do yourself a favor - get yourself some today. You can thank me by posting pictures (you + Mr. Coconut Butter) on my Facebook Page or Tweeting at me!

In other news, I had my doctor's appointment today.  All my tests came back fine. He is still certain there is something going on (obviously) especially since I have cut Wheat, Gluten and Dairy and "magically" I'm better. I have another endoscopy next Friday. This time, he said, "the tube will be longer." And if that shows nothing, he said that I may be the rare (handful) of his patients that don't ever show things by blood work or other tests/panels, yet have an intolerance that is only "cured" by keeping away from those foods.  

I will do whatever it takes to feel better. Whatever!

Day 3 Food:
  • Slow-cooked chicken
  • Magic Mineral Broth
  • Homemade chicken broth
  • Slow-cooked turkey
  • Lean beef
  • Avocado
  • Broiled chicken in Coconut Oil
  • Raw Coconut Butter
  • Probiotics
I had more energy today, but still not a ton. I was able to make it through a 35 minute (fairly intense) workout before I crashed. After the doctor's appointment, I felt tired again. I just need rest because I know the end (of the fatigue) is in sight. And that is super encouraging and inspiring to me!


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