Sunday, June 6, 2010

(Monday-Eve) Inspiration

Sometimes I think that we could all use a little "gas for the engine" on Sunday nights to get prepared for the week ahead!

So I'm giving that to my reader's tonight. 

I received an email this weekend from someone I look up to and respect a lot. I have held this close to me all day since reading it. He told me, 
"Successful entrepreneurs are built on a foundation of failures."
This could not have come at a better time for me. I would guess many of you reading this can relate as well. 

Heading into each and every single week, I have an optimistic outlook. What's exciting for me (now) is the thought of "what if," and never "I am dreading tomorrow because it's Monday." 

I get these visions, imaginations and make my "To Do" list for the week in hopes of moving up, shaking it up and finding the success I'm working so hard to create.

But with that - ultimately - will come (and have come) failures. For you. And for me. 

Heading into the new week, I move forward like I always do - many visions, imaginations & a "To Do" list so large that I just may get great with prioritizing! And I remember, "Successful entrepreneurs are built on a foundation of failures." I know it's coming!


And ps. Happy Birthday to my Baby Great Dane, Reagan, who turned 2 years old today! She is our heart - our lives would not be the same without her.

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