Friday, June 4, 2010

Shoulders, Triceps & Biceps

Sometimes "life" gets in the way of your workout plans. That's okay. Just adjust! Yesterday was supposed to be Day 4, but it turned out to be another "OFF" day. So, I moved forward with Day 4 today and instead of taking tomorrow off, I'll just plug through.

Day 1: Chest/Back + HIIT Cardio
Day 4: Shoulder/Tricep/Bicep + HIIT Cardio
Day 5: Legs (Circuit)
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: HIIT Cardio + Abs

Here is what my Day 4: Shoulder/Tricep/Bicep + HIIT Cardio looks like:

Sportraits 2

Side note(s): Shoulders are my absolute most favorite body part to work. I could quite honestly train them and only them, but clearly that would be very unbalanced! Also, you will notice I only put in one bicep exercise (right at the end). This is because the bicep is (relatively speaking) a very small muscle group. And, with most moves you engage your biceps anyways. For me, I don't see a huge need to focus heavily on them. I just try to lift them as heavy as I can to exhaust them at the end. Adjust if you wish!

1 (a). Rope/Cable Overhead Extension
1 (b). BB Military Press
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

2 (a). BB Skull Crusher
2 (b). DB Front Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. - 

3 (a). Cable Pushdowns
3 (b). DB Lat Raise
- 4 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

4 (a). Tricep Pushup
4 (b). Alternate DB Press
4 (c). DB Curl
-  3 sets; RI = 30 sec. -

HIIT Cardio - 20 minutes of (Cybex) Elliptical-Style Resistance+Sprints

5 minute cooldown. Stretching.

Make note that HIIT Cardio does not always have to be running sprints. Running sprints is a phenomenal way to get your HIIT in, but for people like me with physical problems (plantar fasciitis in my case) I can't always run. But don't make that your excuse to "take it easy." It's still called HIIT. I made mine so hard today that I thought I was going to throw up at the end!

My entire workout lasted about an hour today. I was shaking and "spent" by the end. I went home, re-fueled and I feel fabulous now! This is how our workouts should be!


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