Sunday, February 28, 2010

12 Miles & a Long-Distance Running Partner

I was thrilled with my run this morning! My stats from the Nike+ Application read like this:

ran 12.07 mi on 2/28/2010 at 6:43 AM with a pace of 9'15"/mi

I have not run that much since I did the Nike Women's Half Marathon this past October. (And ps for all you - NIKE WOMEN'S MARATHON FANS OUT THERE CHECK THIS OUT - I would love to promote this amazing event for Nike, as I did the Human Race last year! Let's campaign for me to do this! Join in the discussion!)I felt alive and accomplished today! 

Running long distances not only teaches you that you can do anything, but what I've also found is that it teaches you that you will be able to go above and beyond what you thought you could do! I thought I might absolutely struggle today since I haven't done this far in a long time. To my surprise, I was not tired (physically) at all! The only thing I felt at the end of the run was a little "achy - ness." I succeeded! And now I can be ready for the next long-distance hurdle!

I ran today with a new partner, Mrs. Joelle Diboki. I am so thankful and happy I found someone who is just as passionate about Nike Plus and Running as I am! We were perfect running partners, too, as we pace about the same on our long days! It's so important to find a great long-distance running partner. Literally, 12 miles can feel like just a few when you're gabbing the whole time! Thanks for running with me today, Joelle!

And once the run was over, I went straight home. I took a nice shower and then went out for breakfast - a nice, big, delicious breakfast! I was so hungry. I paid no attention to what I ate. My body was just screaming - FEED ME! And so I did. And it was just perfect!

Four men jogging on beach, low section, rear view

Sunday, February 21, 2010

10 Reasons for 10 Miles

It's been 4+ months since I've run as far as I ran today. In honor of this, I thought it would be only appropriate to give the Top 10 Reasons that I love 10+ Miles:
  1. I feel free.
  2. I feel strong.
  3. My mind takes me to places that only 10+ miles can take you.
  4. I can listen to one hell of a playlist.
  5. I love the way "getting into a rhythm" feels.
  6. I get a happy, sappy-kind of emotional.
  7. I overcome the "what-if-Ican't" fears.
  8. I am forced to stay fairly strict with the GAPS Diet. If not, my stomach will tell me at mile 3 or 4:)
  9. I feel a high that only 10+ can give me.
  10. Because I CAN love it!
I have been much too concerned these past few months about the fact that "running breaks down muscle." And I have been much too concerned with what other people think of long-distance running.

At the end of the day (as long as I'm smart about how I'm running and not in awful pain) running makes me happy. And perhaps that's reason #11 - the BEST reason - RUNNING. MAKES. ME. HAPPY.

I don't think one can understand until, literally, you walk (or run) in someone else's shoes. I'm a happier, more relaxed and energetic person. Want proof? Just ask my husband:)

So stop thinking, lace up and get running! Cheers! And ps. I'm taking the plunge - June 6th, San Diego Rock 'n Roll MARATHON!

Runner Tying Shoelaces

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yolo Industries

Women Skydiving

Free. And loving life!

Today closes week one for me with my new company, Yolo Industries. And I have to say, it's been an amazing week! I tend to stay pretty optimistic from week-to-week, but this week has by far "trumped" most weeks! It's Friday today and I find myself saying, "Where the hell did this week go?! I'm just getting started!" And that's the beauty - Just. Getting. Started.

I've had multiple people ask me, "What are you doing? What is YOLO?" So here it is:

  1. First off, I have been hired by Yolo Industries as their Social Media Strategist. Prior to me coming, they didn't really have a Social Media presence. They had a company who did it from time-to-time, but nothing full time. I have spent my first week doing "foundational" things. I'm trying to figure out, learn and engage more with the brand as a whole. I feel that all too often in Social Media people just shoot from the hip without knowing who their target market is and/or what they want, where they shop and what they do. I'm still learning this. I will be building everything Social Media-based from the ground up. And that is so exciting to me!
  2. So WHAT is YOLO? There was just an article published in the February Issue of ALIVE East Bay Magazine about YOLO Industries. Here is the article: 
Discovering YOLO Industries - You Only Live Once
As I was driving through Downtown Danville the other day, my attention focused on a huge, monster truck advertising YOLO Industries. My curiosity had me hooked and I pulled up their web address: To my surprise, YOLO- “You Only Live Once”, was not a website hosting extreme sports or adventure travel, but a host to the beauty industry. YOLO names Glo Tanning, Salon Forty Sixty Two, Dabble Cosmetics, Jellyfish Spa and Route 66 Barbershop as its partners and is offering unlimited memberships for $99 a month! I was completely intrigued and decided to dive in a little further to get in contact with YOLO Founder and CEO, Chris Ruggieri. I wanted to meet with him and hear all about this brand new concept.

We met for coffee at the Blackhawk Plaza, where all of his YOLO businesses are located. I expected to see a high powered executive in a business suit, but what walked in was entirely different. Here came a young, “skater-like” dude, wearing a beanie and a track suit! “What’s goin’ on?”, he said in a disturbingly loud voice, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or be scared of whom I was meeting. But after chatting for a few minutes, I realized not only was he professional, but extremely energetic and passionate for his unique vision of YOLO Industries.

“What is YOLO?” Chris replies. “Yolo is a philosophy, a state of mind, a way of life. It’s about having fun and living life in the present, in the moment. It’s about taking care of yourself and taking chances, taking risks. It’s about asking yourself, when I am at the end of my life, would it have made a difference to have spent that extra buck, to have taken that well needed vacation, or to have taken that risk. How does all this apply to the beauty industry, you might ask. YOLO is about feeling good. When you feel good, you are happy. When you are happy, your heart is open. And when your heart is open, the possibilities are endless!”

It is by this mantra that Jellyfish Spa was created.

“I woke up one night to a light going off in my head. I thought....Unlimited services on a membership basis for $99 a month. BAM! Thus, my concept was born! I wanted to bring a totally new concept to the public, where every person could afford and enjoy getting pampered. At Jellyfish Spa, the members can get their nails done, facials and massages as frequently as they want.”

Could this really be true? I pay $90 for a one- time massage alone, I said.

“Yes”, Chris replies, “and now there’s no excuse for taking care of yourself. We are providing luxury on a beer budget for anyone who wants to make a change in their lives. For $99 a month, clients can come utilize Jellyfish Spa, they can get make overs and discounts at Dabble, they can get discounts at Salon Forty Sixty Two, and coming soon, exclusively for men, Route 66 Barbershop memberships for unlimited haircuts and spa treatments! I was tired of the typical spa experience and frankly, bored”, Chris said. “My vision was to energize and excite the client.”

And boy am I excited! The moment you step foot in Jellyfish Spa, you realize you have entered something entirely new. Embellished with all modern elements and architecture and a 600 gallon jellyfish tank, you will be refreshingly amazed. “People always ask me why I would name a spa after a deadly creature”, Chris said. “My response is simple; jellyfish are the only species that metamorphosis from an adult state back to that of an infant, thus making them immortal. And, who doesn’t want to reverse time!?”

By this time, I was completely engrossed by this man and he proceeded to tell me how he got this concept started.

“I started out in the gym industry, managing clubs and getting them off the ground, moving from location to location. Ending up in New York City for a brief time, I fell in love with the modern architecture and one day while tanning, I came up with the concept of Glo Tanning and opened our first location in Walnut Creek.”

Six locations later, Chris received his General Contractor’s License and started Ruggieri Construction, focusing on various modern projects throughout the Bay Area. Soon after, while having many family members and friends in the hair industry, he opened Salon Forty Sixty Two.

“The Salon was a huge challenge for me. Not being a hairstylist myself, I was always intimidated to walk into an upscale salon. They always seemed cold and uninviting. I had a tough audience. Not only the clients, but the team of stylists who had high expectations and a need for constant inspiration.”

And boy, did he inspire. The moment you walk into Salon Forty Sixty Two, you are consumed by its beauty and design, not to mention its bright pink wallpaper! It’s hard to imagine not being inspired.

“Our stylists are like mad scientists”, Chris said, “mixing up their potions to change the way the client perceives themselves. They are expected to know all the latest gossip, trends, give advice on relationships, kids, life and all the while looking dynamic themselves. All that and a great cut! I wanted to create a forum for them to inspire and be inspired and that is how I came up with the idea of having round tables as work stations. Most salons have you cramped in a little cubicle, hiding behind a wall of mirrors. We pride ourselves with having the ‘creme de la creme’ of the industry, and I wanted them to be able to share their wonderful creations with not only fellow stylists, but the other clients as well. Who doesn’t want to show off their happy and proud clients?”

“The owners of the Blackhawk Plaza had been so impressed with the success of Salon Forty Sixty Two, they asked if I would be interested in opening another beauty outlet. Ready to take on any challenge, I agreed, thus Dabble Cosmetics was born. I saw a niche and went for it. With Dabble, again, I wanted to create a space that was exciting, inspiring and beautiful. The idea behind Dabble was what every girl dreams of...One big, luxurious closet! You can’t resist the oozing sex appeal and charm of the space. The hot pink and black damask wallpaper and crystal chandeliers scream glamour! We spent countless nights searching for those hard- to- find product lines that are hip, trendy and mainstream.”

You’ll think you’ve died and gone to boutique heaven walking into Dabble!

“2010 is not going to be any slower of a pace. In fact, hold on to your pants.....Here comes YOLO and watch out, we’re ready to take on the world, city by city. We are launching YOLO Foundation, YOLO Energy Drink, YOLO Reality Show and my man cave project, Route 66 Barbershop”.

To learn more about YOLO Industries memberships and upcoming events, visit:

“Oh yeah, one last thing.....You Only Live Once, so do it right and have fun! Let’s do this!!! “ -Yolo Industries

And there you have it....that is what YOLO Industries is/will be, what I am now a part of and what I am so excited and passionate about! I can't wait to watch the company grow and to help make that happen! My initial plans are to revisit the Website that was previously done, incorporate a Blog and all Social Media. From there, I'll strategize content, promotions, giveaways, marketing, interaction and engagement! 

It's going to be exciting! I would love to have you follow the progress! And here you can get started (much more to come):
If you have any ideas/suggestions of things you'd like to see us do, please send me an email HERE!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

(Belated) Birthday Surprises

I had the most fabulous weekend!

Saturday was filled with a day of (Belated) Birthday Surprises from my wonderful husband!

We started the day loading the dogs in the car, which was a surprise to me because I had no idea our plans could include them! Ryan took me to grab coffee at my favorite place in Tracy, Baristas for a large Cafe Au Lait. The perfect start!

We then headed into Pleasanton where we had breakfast at Dean's Cafe. Dean's Cafe is an Omelet Breakfast place that consistently gets a 4-5 star rating. It's a small place, nothing fancy, but the food is amazing. And of course it helps that it's in the quaint downtown Pleasanton!


After breakfast we headed to Livermore where we took the dogs on an hour and a half hike/walk/stroll. They loved it and we enjoyed being outside on the gorgeous day with each other and the views!


Around 2pm, Ryan drove me to the Purple Orchid in Livermore. I had never been there before, but it's a resort and spa in a secluded area. When we got inside he said, "Ok, I'll pick you up in a couple of hours!" 60-minute Sweedish Massage, Hand Wax and Massage and Feet Wax and Massage. It was absolutely lovely! I was so calm and relaxed. Those are my favorite! I would go back to the Purple Orchid in a heartbeat. I would stay there for the weekend even though we live just 10-minutes from there. Priceless!


I got picked up some after 4pm. We came home and hung out for a bit before our friends came over. Ryan grilled chicken and Shondra made her famous guacamole. Yum!

We entertained ourselves all night at the Wild Idol Saloon in Byron. I've said it once and twice and I'll say it yet again, "At the end of the day, I'm just a small town girl that loves small places and familiar faces."




And of course, this Perfect Day would have never been possible and/or complete without the love of my life, my husband Ryan! Thank you!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Cherish Today

Today I turned 27!

I Cherished Today for many reasons. Here are just some of them:

"Happy Birthday to my inspiring and beautiful Cali friend!!!  May you enjoy your 27th year, and keep on "catching fire!"  Have a FABULOUS day :-)  Miss you!  XOXO" (Missy Moreno Kilmartin)


5:50am "Haaappy biiirthday!!!" (Text from JJ, my brother)

6:39am "Happy 27 birthday sarah love you." (My Godmother and Auntie, Lan)
Sarah Kay - I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!  I will keep you in my thoughts all day and I am grateful we have started to form a friendship through social networking! Birthday wishes from Minnesota,
Bob" (Robert Stanke)

'"Every year on your birthday I think back to the day you were born.  What a day that was!  A kind of scary day since I ended up having a C-Section but then ended up so wonderful because I had you (which was especially surprising since you were a girl!)  There’s just something about your first-born—you just remember everything about it.  And I’ve been thankful every year that I’ve been able to wish you “Happy Birthday”!"' (Email from my Mother)

"Nothing else. . .. .just HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love, Bob" (Email from my Father-in-Law)

"Happy Birthday you inspiration you.  Have your cake and eat it too!" (Margaret Wong-Chan)

My Birthday Card from Work, since tomorrow is my last day -

"Happy Birthday Sarah! I am so happy for the success in your life I just wish we lived closer to share it! Come visit soon!" (Lexy Voyles)

"Happy B-day Sarah! You deserve all the b-day wishes. Your love for life spills over and touches us all. Thank you for being you :)" (Leah Vachani)

"Happy Birthday Darlin'..... take this day to relax & enjoy your husband, family and friends.  May God continue to bless you Sarah!!!!" (Yvonne Meredith)

"Happy Birthday Sarah! I dedicated my run to you this afternoon. I wish for you a perfect day." (Debbie Cessani)

"Hey ya!!  The kids and I have tried to call you a couple times today but you musta been busy...can't imagine you would be doing too much on your birthday...except....working, working out, hanging with Ryan..working out again....eating and enjoying your hubby and babies!!  Hope your day was as wonderful as you are.  Happy 27th!!" (Kelly - my sister-in-law)

"Happy Birthday Sarah! have a great day! we all miss you so much :)" (Abbey Thomsen)

When I got home from work, I continued on my day as normal...workout, emails and follow up. And that was great! My husband drew a bath for me and made me a wonderful fish, vegetable, mango salsa and red wine dinner. We laughed at our dogs chasing each other around outside! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful night - about 60 degrees and sunny.

It is now almost 8pm. My "favorite holiday" is almost over. But as I sit here and type this I am reminded of one simple thing...I cherish today because today was not so different than every other day of my life. (Obviously minus the phone calls, texts and messages!) For all of these fabulous reasons I was able to cherish today, so I am able to cherish each and every single day
I am so thankful....I am so blessed....and mostly, I am so HAPPY to be 27!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frustrating....not Tragedy

After spending a most amazing weekend in Miami, I am (like clockwork) suffering in my stomach and my mouth.

This gets old. Really old. And really fast.

As I have described numerous times: When I don't eat exactly the way I am supposed to, my mouth and stomach flare up. My mouth feels chronically annoyed and my stomach acts as though I'm 7 months pregnant.

And so the story goes - I take myself out of my usual "element," "let loose" and ENJOY myself only to be taken 14 steps backwards. And it is literally 14 steps backwards, since (like clockwork again) that's how long it takes everything to get out of my system completely.

When I am caught up in the fun, I couldn't care less. But after the fact I always wonder, "WHY?" It's a vicious cycle that I am less than thrilled with.

But today, somewhere between frustration and more frustration, I came to the realization that, while this is so frustrating, it's not tragedy. One could never understand what it's like for me to talk when my mouth is flared up, but this is not a matter of life or death. I deal with this in the same way that people deal with chronic things every single day. And for me, the beauty is that I know how to make mine go away. Most people with chronic conditions could only wish for that

We all have our battles. This is mine. 

Frustrating....but not Tragedy.  

Woman Having Bad Hair Day

All I Want for My 27th Birthday is....

Tomorrow I turn 27! And here are the 2 things I wanted:
  1. The Starbucks Red Card - Why? The obvious - I love Starbucks Mistos! And the other obvious - what could be better than mixing a great cup of joe with a great cause?!
  2. 13- inch MacBook Pro - Why? Again the obvious - I am technologically obsessed and ready for the fabulous Mac Laptop!



Beautiful! And now I have to admit....I couldn't hardly wait to turn 27 for my 13-inch MacBook Pro. So I went out and bought myself an early birthday present yesterday!

I am so excited for my new gift! And really, why should I have to wait until my birthday to get myself something? My favorite holiday? Yes. But then again, it's just me turning 27!

(ps. If anyone has any great tips on the MacBook Pro, I'd love to hear from you!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Broken Yoga Relationship

Phase 2 of P90X is going great! 3 days a week I workout 2x/day. And I love it! Crazy and intense, yes, but it's making me feel so "alive!"

Yesterday was the Yoga X Day. I have realized something about this workout and Yoga in general. Relaxing - sure. Difficult - definitely. Fun - mostly. But, I just can't stay committed to it! 

Here is my personality, for those of you who have not yet gathered it: I constantly have 100 things on my mind. I am thinking about the next thing before I have finished saying the first. I can't sit still. I don't like long periods of silence. I love to be social. I love moving. I am full of life and energy. I would rather run 10 miles than be confined to anywhere for longer than 30 minutes. I'm not extremely patient. Slow movement gives me a hint of anxiety. (My list really could go on an on....but I think you get this "idea of me!")
It came as no surprise to me when I finally admitted to myself: Yoga is probably just not for me! There is nothing wrong with Yoga, in fact, I recommend and support it 110%. But for ME, I believe it's a broken relationship. 

And here's the deal, Yoga is so good for me/us. For me, I need it to help me continue to heal from workout injuries. And so I will continue to do it from time-to-time. But I will admit - I will not be doing it once a week for 1.5 hours at a time. Again, it just does not sit well with my personality. 

And one more thing you should know: Working out, staying fit and being healthy is not about doing so by means in which don't fit your own personality! If you hate running, don't do it! If you would rather watch paint dry then swim 10 feet, stop! Do something you love! Find the activity that has you waking up in the morning saying, "Bring it! I can't wait to workout!" It's then, and only then, when you will realize that you will NEVER "workout" another day in your life!

Running, weights, dancing, biking, hiking, skiing, kickboxing and circuits - those are my "perfect" fitness relationships! Cheers! 

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dress Rehearsal