Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Cherish Today

Today I turned 27!

I Cherished Today for many reasons. Here are just some of them:

"Happy Birthday to my inspiring and beautiful Cali friend!!!  May you enjoy your 27th year, and keep on "catching fire!"  Have a FABULOUS day :-)  Miss you!  XOXO" (Missy Moreno Kilmartin)


5:50am "Haaappy biiirthday!!!" (Text from JJ, my brother)

6:39am "Happy 27 birthday sarah love you." (My Godmother and Auntie, Lan)
Sarah Kay - I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!  I will keep you in my thoughts all day and I am grateful we have started to form a friendship through social networking! Birthday wishes from Minnesota,
Bob" (Robert Stanke)

'"Every year on your birthday I think back to the day you were born.  What a day that was!  A kind of scary day since I ended up having a C-Section but then ended up so wonderful because I had you (which was especially surprising since you were a girl!)  There’s just something about your first-born—you just remember everything about it.  And I’ve been thankful every year that I’ve been able to wish you “Happy Birthday”!"' (Email from my Mother)

"Nothing else. . .. .just HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love, Bob" (Email from my Father-in-Law)

"Happy Birthday you inspiration you.  Have your cake and eat it too!" (Margaret Wong-Chan)

My Birthday Card from Work, since tomorrow is my last day -

"Happy Birthday Sarah! I am so happy for the success in your life I just wish we lived closer to share it! Come visit soon!" (Lexy Voyles)

"Happy B-day Sarah! You deserve all the b-day wishes. Your love for life spills over and touches us all. Thank you for being you :)" (Leah Vachani)

"Happy Birthday Darlin'..... take this day to relax & enjoy your husband, family and friends.  May God continue to bless you Sarah!!!!" (Yvonne Meredith)

"Happy Birthday Sarah! I dedicated my run to you this afternoon. I wish for you a perfect day." (Debbie Cessani)

"Hey ya!!  The kids and I have tried to call you a couple times today but you musta been busy...can't imagine you would be doing too much on your birthday...except....working, working out, hanging with Ryan..working out again....eating and enjoying your hubby and babies!!  Hope your day was as wonderful as you are.  Happy 27th!!" (Kelly - my sister-in-law)

"Happy Birthday Sarah! have a great day! we all miss you so much :)" (Abbey Thomsen)

When I got home from work, I continued on my day as normal...workout, emails and follow up. And that was great! My husband drew a bath for me and made me a wonderful fish, vegetable, mango salsa and red wine dinner. We laughed at our dogs chasing each other around outside! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful night - about 60 degrees and sunny.

It is now almost 8pm. My "favorite holiday" is almost over. But as I sit here and type this I am reminded of one simple thing...I cherish today because today was not so different than every other day of my life. (Obviously minus the phone calls, texts and messages!) For all of these fabulous reasons I was able to cherish today, so I am able to cherish each and every single day
I am so thankful....I am so blessed....and mostly, I am so HAPPY to be 27!


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