Sunday, February 28, 2010

12 Miles & a Long-Distance Running Partner

I was thrilled with my run this morning! My stats from the Nike+ Application read like this:

ran 12.07 mi on 2/28/2010 at 6:43 AM with a pace of 9'15"/mi

I have not run that much since I did the Nike Women's Half Marathon this past October. (And ps for all you - NIKE WOMEN'S MARATHON FANS OUT THERE CHECK THIS OUT - I would love to promote this amazing event for Nike, as I did the Human Race last year! Let's campaign for me to do this! Join in the discussion!)I felt alive and accomplished today! 

Running long distances not only teaches you that you can do anything, but what I've also found is that it teaches you that you will be able to go above and beyond what you thought you could do! I thought I might absolutely struggle today since I haven't done this far in a long time. To my surprise, I was not tired (physically) at all! The only thing I felt at the end of the run was a little "achy - ness." I succeeded! And now I can be ready for the next long-distance hurdle!

I ran today with a new partner, Mrs. Joelle Diboki. I am so thankful and happy I found someone who is just as passionate about Nike Plus and Running as I am! We were perfect running partners, too, as we pace about the same on our long days! It's so important to find a great long-distance running partner. Literally, 12 miles can feel like just a few when you're gabbing the whole time! Thanks for running with me today, Joelle!

And once the run was over, I went straight home. I took a nice shower and then went out for breakfast - a nice, big, delicious breakfast! I was so hungry. I paid no attention to what I ate. My body was just screaming - FEED ME! And so I did. And it was just perfect!

Four men jogging on beach, low section, rear view

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  1. great. Go and blessings to both of you. Omer, Joelle's brother