Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frustrating....not Tragedy

After spending a most amazing weekend in Miami, I am (like clockwork) suffering in my stomach and my mouth.

This gets old. Really old. And really fast.

As I have described numerous times: When I don't eat exactly the way I am supposed to, my mouth and stomach flare up. My mouth feels chronically annoyed and my stomach acts as though I'm 7 months pregnant.

And so the story goes - I take myself out of my usual "element," "let loose" and ENJOY myself only to be taken 14 steps backwards. And it is literally 14 steps backwards, since (like clockwork again) that's how long it takes everything to get out of my system completely.

When I am caught up in the fun, I couldn't care less. But after the fact I always wonder, "WHY?" It's a vicious cycle that I am less than thrilled with.

But today, somewhere between frustration and more frustration, I came to the realization that, while this is so frustrating, it's not tragedy. One could never understand what it's like for me to talk when my mouth is flared up, but this is not a matter of life or death. I deal with this in the same way that people deal with chronic things every single day. And for me, the beauty is that I know how to make mine go away. Most people with chronic conditions could only wish for that

We all have our battles. This is mine. 

Frustrating....but not Tragedy.  

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