Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Broken Yoga Relationship

Phase 2 of P90X is going great! 3 days a week I workout 2x/day. And I love it! Crazy and intense, yes, but it's making me feel so "alive!"

Yesterday was the Yoga X Day. I have realized something about this workout and Yoga in general. Relaxing - sure. Difficult - definitely. Fun - mostly. But, I just can't stay committed to it! 

Here is my personality, for those of you who have not yet gathered it: I constantly have 100 things on my mind. I am thinking about the next thing before I have finished saying the first. I can't sit still. I don't like long periods of silence. I love to be social. I love moving. I am full of life and energy. I would rather run 10 miles than be confined to anywhere for longer than 30 minutes. I'm not extremely patient. Slow movement gives me a hint of anxiety. (My list really could go on an on....but I think you get this "idea of me!")
It came as no surprise to me when I finally admitted to myself: Yoga is probably just not for me! There is nothing wrong with Yoga, in fact, I recommend and support it 110%. But for ME, I believe it's a broken relationship. 

And here's the deal, Yoga is so good for me/us. For me, I need it to help me continue to heal from workout injuries. And so I will continue to do it from time-to-time. But I will admit - I will not be doing it once a week for 1.5 hours at a time. Again, it just does not sit well with my personality. 

And one more thing you should know: Working out, staying fit and being healthy is not about doing so by means in which don't fit your own personality! If you hate running, don't do it! If you would rather watch paint dry then swim 10 feet, stop! Do something you love! Find the activity that has you waking up in the morning saying, "Bring it! I can't wait to workout!" It's then, and only then, when you will realize that you will NEVER "workout" another day in your life!

Running, weights, dancing, biking, hiking, skiing, kickboxing and circuits - those are my "perfect" fitness relationships! Cheers! 

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  1. That is very interesting! I am actually just starting Yoga this week (tomorrow) and I am interested on how it is going to suit me. I think we are a lot alike because I am usually running at 100 MPH too, so I am hoping Yoga slows me down a bit!


  2. That is exactly how I feel about it. It wasn't for me either. I agree that there are somethings in yoga that are good for you but also there are a few that could be Dangerous if you're a beginer. Some of those poses put so much Stress on your neck and lower back that a Beginner who is just startng out could get injured very easily.
    I look forward to reading more about your experience with P90X :)

    2nd Round P90X 3rd week

  3. Before you give up on yoga, please try going to a real class! I think that your competitive, driven nature will enjoy doing yoga with others, where you can look around and say to yourself, "Wow, she does that pose really well! I wonder if I can go a little deeper into the pose." Doing yoga in a group can provide inspiration and positive feedback. I found trying to do a yoga video a very unsatisfying experience, though the poses were the same. I also think that many experienced instructors would go through the poses in a lot more detail than Tony does. While I'm not still doing P90X--it just didn't fit with the way I like to work out--I thought most of it was useful and well-produced. The yoga segment was the exception. I didn't feel that it did justice to what yoga is and should be at all. (Disclaimer: I prefer many other forms of exercise to yoga. But I do think there's something to be gained in attending yoga classes with an engaged class and a good instructor in a suitable environment.)

  4. Clover,

    I know you are exactly right. I used to go to a 1.25 hour class with an instructor I loved. It is a much different feel and environment. Perhaps I should find one I love again and get in at least once every other week!