Sunday, June 7, 2009

Twitching Tongue

Day 56.

I am posting from yesterday, since I was offline for the day. I will write more later tonight, but I wanted to share something so absolutely amazing with everyone: Friday and Saturday - All Day - Mouth at a Level 0/1.

I knew I was getting better, when, my tongue started twitching. And again, for all of you out there who find this part of my problem bizarre and freaky, let me explain my mouth - when it's bad and when I know it's reaching normalcy. First, let me just say this - my mouth, in the past 5 years, has NEVER been a level 0/1 for 2 days straight!

When my mouth is bad it feels like this: carpet chronically rubbing against it, scalded and dry. My teeth hurt. Sometimes it's a referred tooth to tongue pain. It never hurts to eat, but always hurts to talk. As it starts getting better the chronic irritation goes down and down, affecting less places of my tongue, roof of mouth and mouth in general. And as it starts getting better it will "twitch" in some places for a split second. Sometimes just one simple movement. Nothing out-of-control. Each time I feel that "pulse" I am absolutely excited.

For about the past week, this is what has been going on. And then it happened on Friday and Saturday - no problems! I could cry right now, just thinking about this monumental step that's been taken. 56 days in - almost at the 2 month mark.

I feel like an "Olympic athlete," in a way (ha, if I only were)! Here I was, practicing and practicing - trial & error - until the main event, which I'm getting a taste of. And so this is what success would feel like?! It makes me want to reach for my own "gold" in this event each and every single day now. We were out at the Eric Church concert all day yesterday. They only had beer, Bacardi Raz and Bacardi Lemonade there. I knew that all 3 had malt in them. I cannot have malt. I almost gave in - just had 1 - but then I remembered my success. Needless to say, no malted beverages for me! And I thank God for that strength yesterday!

More to come later today.....

And CHEERS to my Twitching Tongue!

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