Monday, June 29, 2009

Run Like a Girl

Day 78.

We had a great weekend! It was so hot in California this weekend! Yesterday it was 110 degrees; yeah, way too hot! Thankfully, though, Ryan and I went to the pool both Saturday and Sunday!

Yesterday marked Day 1 of the Run Like a Girl running club in Danville. I loved it! A few things from the event:
  • Since yesterday was our first day, we had to do a timed 2-miler (our "best effort") to see what pace group we should be in for the weekly runs. I was pleasantly surprised with my 2-mile pace: 16:08 or ~8:04/mile. (Keep in mind that in High School I ran the mile in about 10-12 minutes!) My "pace train," therefore, will be between 9:30-10:30/mile.
  • I felt wonderful during the entire run! Yes, it got hard the last 1/2 mile, but my stomach held up perfectly. All I ate before the run was 1/4 Fruit Fusion bar. (And then we rewarded ourselves by grabbing a Soy Latte at Peets afterwards!)
  • I learned yesterday that just because you do everything right and get all 20 "swooshes" stamped on your card, still doesn't mean you'll get into the race. I was heartbroken to hear this. I believe it's only the first 300 that fill their cards up. I will still give it 100%, as I am hopeful that I can get in.
  • I am friends with "Jane Runner" on facebook. You can learn all about the Run Like a Girl Club if your friends with her! Click here to find her.
I didn't have too many problems this weekend. Later yesterday afternoon and after dinner I felt bloated. Something wasn't right. Other than that, my stomach did very well again this weekend. My mouth was a little annoyed on Saturday, and it was about a 3/4 yesterday. I had great energy this weekend (athough, I definitely over-did myself this weekend with my workouts).

It's still so early in the morning, so no food to record yet. Here are the foods I "deviated" from (my normal) over the weekend:
  • Coconut Bacardi + Sprite
  • Wine Tasting
  • I had 2 Soy Latte's vs one
  • Sweet potatoes last night (with olive oil and cinnamon)
  • Grilled Chicken on Friday night and Saturday afternoon
Other than that, everything the same.

Time to lace up my Nike's and head outside again to "Run Like a Girl."

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