Saturday, June 20, 2009

While Visions of Coffee Danced in My Head

Day 69.

Bright and early, 7:30am on a Saturday morning! I am awake and loving life so much already today. The sun is out. It's going to be a gorgeous day today with temperatures in the 90's. And all is (still) calm in our house. Fiona is laying on my lap, Reagan is sleeping in her Crate and Ryan is asleep as well! My perfect, simple life!

I am working tonight, as we are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of our Club. In honor of this big night, we are unveiling brand new outdoor signs, a newly-painted building and a brand new website. The website is my favorite. We had designers on the East Coast that were the behind-the-scenes, but we put together and created all of the content. It's a huge job, but the final product makes me know it was worth it. You can see it here.

Last night I think I dreamed about coffee. Actually, I know I dreamed about coffee; I had visions of Coffee dancing in my head! Brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you - today, I will have a Soy Latte at Baristas! Today, like every Saturday morning, we will go to Baristas. But I have not been able to have the thing I love the most there in a couple of months - their Soy Lattes, since I reacted to soy. But today is the day I get to try soy out again. Leah said, '"I think "testing" soy would be fine! The more we know the more we learn. This will only give us more information."' She is a smart woman! I reacted very minimal to soy. I'm hoping that it's one thing I'll eventually be able to have again at some point occasionally.

Baristas makes a Soy Latte like none other you've ever had before! And yes, this is what their latte looks like. They bring a different approach to foaming the soy. I believe it's a European approach. It almost tastes like a thicker version of whip cream. Unbelievable!


I will definitely report back as to how it made me feel.

I had a fairly good day again yesterday. My mouth was excellent again! Wohooo! It was probably at a 0/1 all day. I did notice before I went to bed last night that I had 2 red dots on my inside cheeks. I've described this before in a past posting. Anyways, I'm not sure at what point in the day they showed up? Nothing was really different yesterday for what I ate (from the day before) except that I had a little Red Wine and some Walnuts (which I don't usually have Walnuts everyday). We'll see how my mouth does today! My stomach definitely got icky after lunch sometime. It was not normal until I got sick around 7:30pm. I have been fine ever since. Again, Detox starts on Monday, so we'll see if that helps to alleviate this problem!

I won't be able to report anything else today, as I'll be gone all afternoon and night for our 20th Celebration!

Cheers to a beautiful Saturday in Northern California! We are so very blessed.

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