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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch

It was Ryan's birthday this past week, so I surprised him with a mini-vacation to Quincy, CA to Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch

We had an amazing time! I always learn something new about myself each time I step out of any comfort zone. And this is the reason I love taking mini-vacations - traveling and exploring new places, especially with Ryan!

This time, we also brought the dogs with us. Greenhorn is extremely accommodating to dogs, so it worked perfectly for us!

Heading out of Town.

My Babies.

Ryan & Ms. Rae.

Ranch Chuckhouse.

Absolutely gorgeous views.

Getting ready to ride.

Ryan ahead of me on Dolly.

When Cody met Dolly.

Ranch Saloon.

Fiona hanging out in the Saloon with us.

Sweet, little girl who loved Fiona.

We loved the Saloon! Best Saloon Bartender around:)

Always in love with the country look.

Simple, beautiful and open!

The dogs loved all the space!

Running back to our room. Trying to catch up to Ryan & Reagan.

Driving home. Absolutely exhausted. (And yes, somehow we all fit in the front seat!)

If you ever have the chance to get to Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch, I highly recommend it! They were the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've met in a long time! Everything about the place from the people to the atmosphere to the activities and overall ambiance is simple, stress-free, active and yet magnificently peaceful! 

Furthermore, I really love them because when I was researching "dude ranch" and stumbled upon them, I was able to find out even more about them via their Facebook Page and Twitter Profile! I was impressed with what I saw, and I truly believed that "sealed-the-deal" for me!

So what did I learn about myself this weekend?
  1. Being active does not just mean "24/7 in-the-gym bootcamp-style rah-rah-rah." It can mean a weekend getaway (or any "daily getaway") with movement. We were highly active this weekend - always out running around with the dogs and horseback riding. I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for not being in the gym! (But I am also excited to begin my new program tomorrow!)
  2. I love horseback riding! 
  3. I CAN disconnect from my "digital life." I had no cell service. I barely jumped on my computer. Though it was tempting to be on the computer more, staying away from it from time-to-time is not only a good thing, but an absolutely critical thing for my mind, body and overall well being!
FINALLY, my husband and dogs reminded me that no matter where I am - California or Minnesota - HOME is truly where they are (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN - hope you loved it)!

And I hope all of your weekends were healthy, fit and fantastic as well! 



  1. This looks like an awesome place to visit! Looks like they are a place where they are offering a get away while still using online ecosystem to connect with potential customers as well as customers already utilizing there business. Thanks for helping me out with #smoutside10!

  2. Thanks! Yes, an awesome place to visit! I am happy to help out with the #smoutside10 Project. I'm looking forward to more "reviews" coming from me!