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Friday, August 6, 2010

Foodie Friday: Mango Macadamia KIND

I've been gone a lot lately, and I will be gone again next week so finding things to always keep me full while on the "go" is not always the easiest thing. It is even more important, I think, when I'm away from home that I am feeling optimal!

I discovered the KIND Bars when I was in Montana. I was at a Starbucks and they had them. I picked up the Mango Macadamia one and it stated, "Mango Macadamia is delicious, all-natural, gluten-free and dairy free. This healthy snack bar is a rich source of fiber, low in sodium, and contains low GI and no trans fat." 

Runner's World Magazine even lists them as "Road Tested: Energy Bars!" 

Sure, there are a lot of calories and even fat, so it's not a bar that I would eat 4 times a day, but for those days when I'm on the run or just want something new they are perfect! They taste amazing! I love the Mango Macadamia combination - a little sweet mixed with a little salty!

There are many other flavors and types of KIND Bars. You can find them HERE. Go out and get yourself one today!

Speaking of Foodie Friday, I have been feeling Foodie Phenomenal! I have laid off on larger amounts of anything with seeds and nuts, though - even my flax. I believe it's those that cause me my lower stomach bloat. I have cut them for the most part this week and have not had problems. I did have 1/2 of a Mango Macadamia KIND Bar yesterday and no problems. Even when you eat healthy, you still must remember - everything in moderation!

Please forgive me if I'm not around yakking all things health/food and fitness this weekend. I am busy, busy, busy trying to finish my brand new website! The domain has been bought, and I am now just trying to get all the "ducks-in-a-row."

If you (or someone you know) have/has a health/fitness/foodie (or general passion for life) Blog that you want added to my BlogRoll on the new website, please email me, facebook me or tweet at me your link for consideration!

Happy Friday! CHEERS!


  1. Kind bars are awesome!! I don't remember which flavors I've had, but most of them are pretty good! I believe you have my blog link, if not here it is:

  2. Thank you, Michelle! You will be added to my Blogroll for sure! The site is shaping up:) A few sleepless nights this weekend should take care of it!!!