Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivation Monday: Stuck in a (Career) Rut?

Businessman Relaxing in Cubicle

How many days have you been stuck in your cubicle at work, watching the clock tick and realizing that 5 minutes has seemed like an eternity?

Don't be stuck in that position any longer - you owe it to you! But before you get up and out, you must consider 3 Important Things:
  1. I don't want to be here, but do I know where I want to be? Just because you are unhappy with your current position and/or company, doesn't mean you really know what you would rather be doing. If you know that where you are at currently is just not it, perhaps this list of 15 things might "Ignite the Spark."
  2. Why the clock ticks slowly. Have you thought about why you feel like your position is dead end? Is it lacking challenge for you? Does the subject matter bore you? Are you in an environment that doesn't fit your personality? Make sure you understand that.
  3. Financial. Does your current position financially satisfy you? If you didn't have that income and/or benefits, would you be okay? Do you have enough saved if you left today with nothing else lined up?
If, after taking in those 3 things you are confident in moving up, on and out, perhaps you've reached the end of (that) road. 

And in that case, I say - Carry On!


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