Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Online Communities for Health Nuts

Just in case you have never ventured to the DigitalMention Blog, I thought I would share with you the posting I put up there today. The posting was called, "Health Nuts Unite via Online Communities."

There are so many places online for daily support, motivation and overall "acceptance" for whatever your interest is in health, fitness & food. I encourage you to find a community, participate, engage and "show up." You'll be surprised at the connections you can make and the rewards you'll reap from that! (Please let me know of any others I forgot - would love to add more to the list!)

It was another fabulous day for the "Sarah-Food Camp!" No problems to report. Perfectly "perfect" feeling. The only complaint I have is that due to the leg workout around 10:30am, I felt completely famished for the rest of the day. That's okay, though. I just listened to my body, ate and felt no bloat! 

Carrots with roots

Tonight for dinner I'm going to introduce carrots, as the thoroughly-steamed version. I may have a cup, with some sprinkled cinnamon on top! I'll report back:)

I am supposed to have my Endoscopy follow-up tomorrow. Seems as though my biopsy results are not in yet, so this may be rescheduled. I'm not happy about that. I'm not very patient! 

I'm looking forward to a great night sleep. I worked so hard at the gym today that I have a feeling I'll be out before 9pm!


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