Friday, July 2, 2010

Endoscopy: Partial Results

I once read that a "successful" blog is not a "Dear Diary." I do agree, to a degree. But since this is my personal blog where I share with you my "journey" with all things health, fitness & food related, I think it's only fair that I insert the "Dear Diary" portion. I have even dabbled in the idea of changing the name of my Blog to Dear Diary: (something xyz)?

So I digress....

I woke up today, starving! That's why it's called BREAK-FAST. You are supposed to "break" the "fast." (Don't forget that - make sure you break it, each and everyday. Not just when it's "convenient.) But today, not for me. No food, no water - nothing. Today was Endoscopy day! 

I got to the surgery place, where they took my blood pressure and started my IV. One highlight of my day was when the nurse asked, "Wow - your blood pressure is so low. Do you workout a lot? Run? High intensity?" Of course I responded, "Yes." She said '"that's fantastic how "abnormally (yet normal) low" it is!"'

From there, I waited until my doctor was ready. By the time they actually start anesthesiology, you basically have 1 more minute of coherence to roll over on your side. And that's the last I remember. It was over shortly after....leaving you with just a burning throat!

Side Story: While I was waiting to "snap out of it" a little more, I heard a man ask the doctor, "So do I need more Nexium?" The doctor said, "Well, you can either cut your Martini's or take 2 Nexium/day, which is expensive." He laughed and said, "Oh no, not my Martini's." And I could relate to that! Though, if I could manage anything with a change in diet alone vs. the medication I would in a heartbeat! But still....ouch:)

They waited until my husband got there to give him "preliminary" results, as they know patients aren't fully "aware" yet! They told us that they did find inflammation in both my esophagus and my stomach. They took biopsies, which will help determine anything beyond that. 

My followup is next Wednesday. 

I'm not sure what all this means, but it doesn't surprise me that there is inflammation. I'm back to my diet from the "wheat stray" yesterday. Trust me, I will be "testing" those waters again. Just not for awhile. 

Until then, I'm happy, healthy, (un) bloated & internally (currently) screaming....


Bread, wheat and kitchen knife on whit background, close-up


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