Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Courage is Grown in the Doing

I heard Paul Coughlin speak. He said, "Courage is Grown in the Doing."

His application was different than mine, and probably different than how you are imagining this now. Take it for what it's worth to YOU!

The first thing I think of is the Nike Courage Commercial.

The second thing I think of is the "softer" side of Courage through the "Courage is..." song and slideshow.

And then I think of how much the both resonate with me - and how I've applied "Courage is Grown in the Doing" to my own life:
  • I am courageous each and every time I choose "my food" over the food I actually want. 
  • I am courageous when I put my "I can do this" hat on and get the toughest of my workouts in. (Note: Today was one of those days - Legs at 7 sets, final in this series!)
  • I am courageous when I take chances to further my professional "self."
  • I am courageous when I don't allow "negative" people, thoughts or influences shape the person I am and working so hard to be.
  • I am courageous when dessert comes out and I say, "No thank you - I'll just have some Coconut Butter or Watermelon." (Side Note: NOT because I'm on a diet or wanting to be difficult, which is also part of me being "courageous" and not worrying what other people think.)

I am courageous in many ways. But what's important in that whole phrase is the part that comes after "Courage." "...is Grown in the Doing." 

I didn't get the courage to do these or anything else overnight. (And there are many things I'm still working on "growing by doing.") You won't either. But you never will if you don't start now! Having the courage to think, act and do the things I am currently able to has literally "grown" through "doing." 

For example, I practice these "crazy" eating habits on a daily basis so that by the time I am in public, with friends, family and out for social events, I am okay with sticking to what I must. I know my limits. And these daily habits have made me courageous!

Think about it....Courage is Grown in the Doing.


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