Friday, July 23, 2010

Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday will definitely be one of my favorite "themes!" I LOVE food and since I'm on a journey to find out what I can eat and how to make the best of it, being a "foodie" is truly fun for me now!

Close-up of a fork in a bowl of beetroot
Today it's all about the beet! Yes, a simple beet

I hated beets as a child. They had a taste that could not be acquired. But now I am drawn to their naturally sweet flavor!

According to WHFoods, Beets "Provide optimal health, protect against heart disease, lessen inflammation & protect against birth defects." In 1 c. of boiled beets you will consume only 74 calories and still get a whole lot of essential nutrients. 

Beets compliment salads very well! I wouldn't know about the power of beets + feta because I've never had that combination, but have heard it's phenomenal. Because I'm still a plain-old-Jane (working towards more) I appreciate spinach + romaine + beets + grilled chicken + olive oil currently. Try it out - I think you'll like it, too! And the "beet" goes on....



  1. Go Sarah! I havent made that jump to beets yet, but I will try them some day.

    Interesting story about beets. A man and woman got married, and the woman was cooking for her husband, she sliced the greens off the beets and threw them away.

    The husband said "What are you doing?!?"

    Wife "I'm throwing the greens away"

    Husband "Where I come from, we give the head to the pigs and eat the greens"

    Wife "Ewww! Where I come from we give the greens to the pigs and eat the head"

    Always thought it was a good story on perspective.

    Anyway, I'll attempt to eat beets some time now! Both parts.

  2. Good story! Thanks for the comment. Enjoy those beets! ps. I've heard pickled beets are great, to!