Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gluten Free Resources

Since Gluten Free is not easy and I'd like to try to remain some "normalcy" in my life, I've started my journey with building the most comprehensive Gluten-Free Resource List I possibly can (clearly this is not even 2% of the resources out there - but it's a start)!

Here are 11 Resources to get us moving:
  1. CeliacChicks
  2. Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Forum
  3. Hold the Gluten
  4. Gluten-Free Girl & Chef
  5. Gluten Free Blog
  6. Gluten Free Mommy
  7. Jen's Gluten Free
  8. Gluten Free Food List
  9. Whole Foods Market (Gluten-Free Shopping)
  10. Gluten-Free Snacks for Me
  11. Gluten Free Dee
Bonus: A small video on Detoxifying from Gluten. Adults: make note of that awful bloat she mentions!

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