Monday, July 12, 2010

Convenience is King

In Social Media we hear "content is king" all too frequently. What I learned from being in Helena, Montana for the past few days is: Convenience is King.

I have taken living in California for granted when it comes to food. In CA, I know that no matter where I go, what I'm doing, day or night, convenient health food is never out of reach. This is not the case in so many other places of the country. And quite frankly I don't think people care, either.

My first sign that "my food" would be too far away was on the drive from Spokane, WA to Helena, Montana - there was not one Starbucks. In California, you barely go 3 miles without seeing one. Trust me, I realize that Starbucks is not necessarily my "health food," but I'm #JustSayin'.

I struggled the entire time there - I mostly went to the grocery store to gorge on carrots, watermelon and my new "love," the Fruit & Nut Bar (see picture above). Oh, and water. Lots of water! 

In California it's not only "convenient," but it's also the "norm" to cater to people like me. And I have truly taken this for granted. At this point, my health and fitness lifestyle is probably the only lifestyle that California complements. 

But I must embrace it while I can....

Though it sounds so negative, negative, negative, there were 3 amazing things that came out of Montana:
  1. Yet another trip with Ryan. New places, faces and scenery!
  2. Because I wasn't bloated and felt amazing, I was able to climb with Ryan to the top of Mount Helena. GORGEOUS!
  3. Mind over matter. If I could do it there - I can do this anywhere!
More on those 3 points included!


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