Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wild Card Wednesday

As I mentioned on Monday, many of my Blog posts will be more "themed." I am dedicating Wednesdays to all of you! 

Girl and boy surrounded by question marks

People send me questions all of the time via email, private message and more. Typically people will preface their questions with, "I'm really sorry to be asking you this - I'm sure you get sick of people asking questions, but...." My response is always - "Please don't say sorry. I am happy to help and answer questions." The truth is that I believe the most positive thing about our lives is that we can take our own experiences (positive and negative) to benefit someone else. Mine just happen to be through health, fitness, food and an overall "zest" for life mixed with social media, marketing, personal branding and all things generation z.

That being said, Wednesdays are now "Wild Card Wednesday." To ask me a question, just go to my formspring profile & ask away! ( Each time I answer (on Wednesday's only), I will have my answer automatically published to this Blog so you can all see the Question/Answer!

So what are you waiting for? Ask away! (ps. If you'd rather not ask via formspring, you can always ask via the comment section below, email or private message!)


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