Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Hungry: What's For Dinner

In my last post I discussed, "Treatment for the GAPS Patient - Part I - Diet I."

Today is, "Treatment for the GAPS Patient - Part II - Diet II - I'm Hungry: What's For Dinner."

JUST because I can't really eat things "most people" eat, doesn't mean that I don't still need to eat! So, what will I eat?

The GAPS Diet is basically an "advanced" or "extension" version of the popular Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Dr. Natasha states (about the SCD), "There is a diet already invented, a very effective diet with a more than 60-year excellent record of helping people with all sorts of digestive disorders, including such devastating ones as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis."

The difference lies in the fact that the SCD allows lactose-free dairy products, GAPS Diet does not allow. Dr. Natasha says that "whether it is lactose or casein or allergies or a combination of factors, the clinical experience shows that GAPS children and adults should not consume dairy products until their digestive system is well enough to handle them. The only exception is for the milk fat, which contains virtually no milk proteins or lactose and is generally well tolerated. Pure milk fat is called ghee or clarified butter." 

Recommended Food List
  • Meats and Fish (Fresh or frozen, but not preserved)
  • Eggs (Especially raw egg yolk; I am actually very intolerant to the egg white, so I will stay away from that completely)
  • Non-starch fresh vegetables (Fresh or frozen, but not preserved or with any additives)
  • All fruit, including berries (Fresh, cooked or raw, dried and frozen, as long as there are no preservatives. They also need to be well-cooked in the beginning)
  • Nuts and seeds (Raw only. Not until stomach has completely settled)
  • Beans and pulses (Dried white, lima, string, lentils and split peas; must be soaked for several hours prior to cooking)
  • Honey (All natural honey, the only sweetener/sugar allowed)
  • Beverages (Water, freshly pressed juices and meat/fish stock. Weak tea and coffee without milk. Red win, gin, Scotch, bourbon and vodka on rare occasions)
  • Natural fats and oils
This is what I live off of. And beginning Friday, January 1st, I'm getting extremely strict with it! I'm going back to the beginning; back to Phase 1. The GAPS Diet worked miracles for me. I've been off it and I've been on it; I know what is best for my body!


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