Monday, December 14, 2009

To: Lady A's Mommy

Last night we said good bye to Mike, Tracy and Lady A. And it was not fun for me. At all. But it reminded me of some things I want to share today:
  1. Gone is gone, but never forgotten: Just because someone leaves my life on a day-to-day basis, doesn't mean they are gone for good. It also certainly doesn't mean they leave my mind. I will think of them often; always with a smile.
  2. Thankful for every time we did spend together: They have made the past year so much more fun! How could I not be absolutely grateful for that? The memories will certainly make me laugh. I'll always have that.
  3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Having Tracy around reminded me how important it is to have wonderful girlfriends to talk with, share with, laugh with, complain with and just be with. One of the last things we did together was a Pedicure Day. I never do that. I thank her for getting me out!
  4. Don't take things for Granted: Really. Don't. Take. Them. For. Granted. It was just a couple of months ago when they told us they were moving. Time flies.
Finally, I just want to write this "mini-letter" to Tracy, wherever she may be tonight (because I know that she reads my blog postings - and is always a fan:)).

To: Lady A's Mommy

First of all, tonight, as I was driving home, I hit Mountain House and my heart sank. It was a weird feeling. It really was. I NEVER needed to drive by the Carroll House. But tonight I just wanted to. And in the end...I didn't. I couldn't. Then, I pulled up to our house and remembered that, OH MY guys were really, really gone in Texas. 

I got home, made dinner....and I ate the last of the Carroll Lemons. They were really good. I put them on my grilled chicken - just like we always liked to do! I was so tempted to crack my bottle of Layer Cake. But since Ryan wasn't home, I didn't want to do it alone:) I will be baking the Coffee Cup you got me either tonight or tomorrow night. I added to it after you left last night, "2009 - Run, Wine & Tracy."

THANK YOU for being such a great friend to me. THANK YOU for going on the "running adventure" with me - I wouldn't have wanted to laugh (about being rad) or complain (about hills) with anyone else. THANK YOU for sharing many, many bottles of Red Wine with me. THANK YOU for always being up for anything and everything with Ryan and I. THANK YOU for including Avery in so many of our outings. THANK YOU for everything you helped me with for Nike. 

I could go on and on and on....THANK YOU for being YOU

I'm listening to Eric Church tonight - I know I'll always think of you when I hear him now! I hope you guys had a safe flight to Texas. I'm sure Lady A was good as can be. 

This weekend will definitely be so different without you guys here, but we pray that you'll get settled quickly and that Texas will be as good to you as you were to California! 

Sarah Kay
ps. Tell Lady A I found her diaper in the bathroom:) Precious little reminders!



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