Monday, September 14, 2009

Artisana Organic Coconut Butter

So I've discovered another new "dessert" for myself.

It's called: Banana + Artisana Organic Coconut Butter. It's so amazing. I eat the banana and dip it in just a little of the Coconut Butter.

If you like Coconut-flavored anything, this is the butter for you! It literally melts in your mouth. It's a little sweet and filled with flavor.


I was so tempted to eat a second banana and more coconut butter before bed, but I refrained!

In Nike news, my Pied Piper Team is now in 1st place! If you haven't joined our team yet for the upcoming 10.24.2009 10K Human Race, please jump on board with us. There's no better way to say it than how Nike says it...."Just Do It."

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