Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Official Human Race '09 Shirt & A Food Mistake

For Labor Day, Ryan and I headed to So Cal to visit my aunt and uncle and then to Primm, NV to see Reba! It was a wonderful weekend!

The night that we went to see Reba there was literally nothing for me to eat, as we stayed at a Casino. So I played my machines, had some drinks and saw the Queen of Country herself. And then I got this great idea that I was going to have a big burrito and a little ice cream for dessert. It tasted so good. It seems like it's been so long since I've parted ways with Mr. Ice Cream. 15 minutes later, though, and I was reminded of why we "all" parted ways. My stomach got huge. I sat through Reba with my "pregnant-looking" stomach. Not fun!

The bloating went away the next day. I've been back to my strict GAPS since (as I always do). My left side has bothered me a little tonight. I don't think I've completely "cleaned out" since then. Other than that, though, still - feeling unbelievable! 100% transformation!

My sweet tooth has started to get to me some, which was made evident by the ice cream episode! So tonight for dinner I had as my main "meat":
  • Lean turkey - ground + cooked in coconut oil + sprinkled with a little honey
It was good and it took my "edge" away. That, and of course, my raw nut butter + banana (which I'm up to about 3-3.5/day).

I've lost weight, but am hoping it's not muscle weight. That's a hard part of this. Low-to-no carbs = weight loss. That was okay with me. Losing muscle not so much! I'm working on it. Keeping up the healthy fats via avocado, nut butters and coconut oil, while still trying to lift whenever I can.

Which brings me to topic 2 of the day: Running has consumed my workouts (which puts me into calorie deficit). I'm getting so addicted to it, though. It's a high that no drug can give!

Anyways, my team (the Pied Pipers) are running so well! I'm so proud of everyone and what they are contributing to the Nike+ Human Race 10K Ambassador's Challenge!

I have a Mother who joined my Team and here is the letter she sent to me:

I never ran. In high school, I could barely run a single mile.

I belong to a local MOMS Club and a group of us thought it would be "fun" to train for a 5K. There were about 8 of us that used the couch to 5K program and 4 of us actually ran the 5K in October. I watched the half marathoners come in at the finish line after I was done running and saw people that were finishing that on first glance, didn't look like they'd be able to run 13.1 miles! I thought, "If these people can do 13.1 miles, I should be able to."

I continued to run all winter long--even in the New England winter- and convinced 2 other friends to sign up for the half marathon as well. We trained hard and the three of us completed the half marathon. I had 3 goals for that race--1. To not be last 2. To run the whole thing and 3. To not puke. Check, check, and check. Again, after I was finished running, I watched people finish the marathon. I decided right there that if I was ever going to do a marathon in my life, I should do it now. (It helped that I was feeling great after running the half marathon.) I was still motivated, enjoyed my time running, and had a very supportive husband.

I ran all winter long and all 3 of my running friends got pregnant with their third child and moved away. I'm alone this time training (aside from the music on the ipod) and have been working to get ready for my marathon. As of right now, I've completed 10.5 weeks of hard training. This includes waking up before 5am to run 5 times a week and doing a strength training dvd at least 3 times a week. My husband made me a fancy spreadsheet to track my runs and I have a clear plan for the last 6.5 weeks left until race day. (The Nike website is pretty awesome to look at all my runs also)

It seems that people are always amazed that I'm training for a marathon and I keep surprising myself with how I am able to push and test my body. I'm in way better shape now, after 2 children than I probably was in high school. My friends are encouraging and I have even gotten a couple of friends to start training for their own first 5K's. My friends will ask about my morning run and will check in to see how I am doing with training. I have had help with childcare and will map routes around homes of friends to help with water, bathroom, etc. This statement is so true---"If I can do it, anyone can do it." I went from a total non-runner to running about 40 miles a week in the peak of marathon training.

It's true that my feet are incredible gnarly now and I will most likely need bunion surgery after my race, but it is so worth it. I have my eye on the prize! I never would have imagined just a couple years ago that I will be running a marathon--never ever.

That first 5K was October 2007, the half marathon was October 2008, and the marathon will be at the same race in Hartford that I started with in October 2009.

Kathy Sykora


I am so proud of her for all that she has accomplished and all that she will accomplish.

This is what the Pied Pipers are all about. Dedication. Commitment. Passion. And they are truly inspiring leaders.

Kathy just finished a 20K last weekend, where she sported the "Official Human Race 2009" T-Shirt. This is a Dry Fit Nike Shirt that you cannot buy. You must get it from an Ambassador.

And here's how you can register to have the chance at getting one now!
  1. Join the Nike Human Race
  2. Join my Pied Pipers
  3. Join the Human Race T- Shirt Challenge
Good Luck! I'd love to hear from you!

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