Saturday, September 19, 2009

Negative Goes Nowhere

I've needed a lot of positive energy this week.

I'm feeling great. My stomach has been still doing wonderful. A little mess-ups here and there make me sick, but at least now I know what the main cause is!

Life has been really good to me lately. It seems like things are coming to me in ways they never have before. It's so exciting for me. And all is well, happy and positive.....

But then just when things are so happy and positive, I find that there is negativity in places and people that I never thought it would come from. The people, situations and the like that should be happy and uplifting suddenly become those very people, situations and the like that quickly fade to negative energy.

At first, it comes down hard. But then you step back, look at what's actually happening and you begin to realize that, just as they always say, "People by nature don't want others to succeed." And you realize, too, that this is OK. Not everyone has to be your #1 Fan. Not everyone has to be supportive. Not everyone has to cheer you on.

What matters, though, is that YOU are your number one fan. YOU believe in you. YOU have someone who is supportive and someone who is there to cheer you on. I have PLENTY!

I find solitude in knowing how very fortunate I am and feel. I am blessed - absolutely blessed - with the people and passions in my life that make the positive person I am.

And I take that all in and persevere. As a very good friend of mine says, "Keep it moving; leave those people behind."

Positive Energy goes a long way; Negative goes Nowhere!

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(And just for another reason to smile tonight - life back in smalltown, MN - with family! Mikey & Ba Ngoai!)



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