Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Head to the Front of the Class

Looking to work harder in your Fitness Classes? Want to be more motivated and be a motivat(or)? Then head to the front of the class!

Woman Riding a Stationary Bike
This is what I learned yesterday in Mr. Gary Walker's Spin Class at Crunch Fitness in Blackhawk (Danville, California):

When you are in front-and-center, all eyes are on you or at least you tell yourself that! There is no giving up! If you give up, then the people behind you either think:
1. She's weak.
2. I guess I could back off, too.

This was just a 45-minute spin class. I appreciate those because they are 45-minutes of hardcore "spinning," filled with HIIT, climbs, jumps and increasing/decreasing constantly. The class always leaves you pouring sweat.

What I found yesterday was that when I forced myself to be in the front of the class and mixed that with a short, 45-minute and high intensity class, I only had to be at the Gym for 45 minutes. Why? Because I was exhausted. I had used up all my energy. I felt phenomenal.

So don't be bashful. Head to the front of the class and work it, girl (or guy) - work it! Your body will thank you! 

Oh and ps. Crunch Fitness is by far the most fun gym I have ever gone to! The people there are outgoing, fun and sassy! There is so much energy constantly and the classes are "current!" You will get a phenomenal workout without ever feeling like you're working out (okay, that was a lie, you better feel like you're working out)! If you're interested in working out with us at the Crunch in Danville, CA find me on Facebook and message me or Tweet at me!

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  1. You worked so hard! You are the best. You are a joy to have in my class and oh, by the way! YOU, my sassy friend, pushed me and I agree, what a class! :) Love ya!