Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of those Days....

Rarely do I have "one of those days" anymore! I haven't had one in over 3 months. But I felt like I had a semi-version of one today!

In case you did, too, here are some things that may cheer you up (they sure cheered me up):
1. "Wow, that really IS a low price!"

2. (Yes, there is a website for it!)

3. Rocking Your Summer Body can be simplified if you just read this short bit from Mercola.  

4. Brainstorming Sessions. Some of my favorites lately have included those with (in no particular order):
a. Brainstorming with Mike Schneider (re. country music demo)
b. Brainstorming with Josh Groth (my #socialmediaconferencebff)
c. Brainstorming with Robert Stanke and Rachel Ryan

(Ha. Just kidding. Definitely not happy about that one! But I'll save that post for a posting on the DigitalMention.) 

7. Exactly one year ago in Cancun! Now that's a great thought to end my day on! isn't so bad! Make your own list - there is power in creating a list like that for a simple reminder of how "one of those days" is just that - ONE "of those days"!

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  1. AWESOME POST! Much needed for me today as well!

    Bob Stanke