Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GAPS Diet Turned to Running Energy

It has been over 3 weeks since I started with GAPS. Time goes so quickly! It has already been such an amazing 3-week journey!

Since I made a few mistakes in Minnesota, I decided to keep it very simple this week, at least for a few days. I've been pretty bare bones with food choices. Perhaps I'll start adding back in a few (very) cooked vegetables this weekend. I'd like to see how I do with that. After all, I can't live on only meat for the rest of my life!

I have been so focused on the Nike+ Human Race these past couple of weeks. It has been so much fun to promote such a fabulous event! I have gotten absolutely addicted to my Nike+ SportBand!

I am crazy about this challenge and event. I think I've put my finger on "why," too. I love knowing that when I'm eating right and taking care of me, anything is possible! It is an absolute accomplishment in itself that I'm able to run. On top of it, I'm running FASTER - STRONGER - LONGER - AND HARDER than I ever could before! Some people can't believe it; I definitely can't believe it. But I love it! And I love knowing that it can be like this for the rest of my life now that know my food culprits!

I would really love it if you all would join me on 10.24.2009 for the Nike+ Human Race. It would mean so much to know that people who have as much belief in themselves as I do in myself, JOINED and RAN! It's just one day - 6.2 miles. You can walk. You can run. Or you can walk/run/etc. The bottom line is that you are putting forth effort in some way, shape or form for YOU! You can join the Human Race Here. You can find out more about me and the race Here.

Here is what I ate today (no new additions):
  • Chicken
  • Magic Mineral Broth
  • Chicken Broth
  • Ground Turkey - slowcooked
  • Raw Sauerkraut, Raw Vegi-Delite, White Miso
  • Artisana Raw Pecan/Cashew Butter
  • Honey
  • Banana * 2
  • Wild Salmon Burger + Coconut Oil
I made sure to take my Probiotics, HCL and Enzymes. No Fish Oil today.

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