Monday, August 10, 2009

A Tad Bloat Tonight. It's OK.

Day 120.

Day 8 with Gaps.

Here is a sign that I know I'm moving in the right direction with my health - I don't want to think about it tonight! I am more concerned today with the fact that I get to fly to Portland tomorrow and be at Nike Headquarters until Thursday than I am about discussing any "problems." BUT, this also stems from the fact that I don't have problems right now for the most part! Love it!

My stomach was not bloated today, until a little bit tonight. I am a little concerned because I'm not going "to the bathroom" like I should be. I need things to start moving. It would really "seal this deal!" I think my night carrots/kombu could be the culprit to the bloat? Even though I didn't have much of them, I have had a little bloat since starting to eat these. My mouth was great, ~2/3 Level. My energy was great!

I had an unreal moment last night. I was reading the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by the Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD last night. I am addicted to it and already almost finished with it! Anyways, I stumbled upon a piece that just may explain my mouth problems! She uses terms I've always used to describe this problem - chronic, mucosa, inflammation, etc. I am going to have a lot of stuff to talk about (between this finding AND Nike) when I return!

Until then, please pray that I make it with the food change. It will be virtually impossible to have broth and super clean meat while I'm away. I'm going to do my best. Nothing beats the feeling of no bloat!

Here is what I ate today (there were no new additions):
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Broth
  • Magic Mineral Broth
  • Ground Turkey - slowcooked
  • Wild Salmon - slowcooked
  • Raw Sauerkraut, Raw Vegi-Delite, White Miso
  • Artisana Raw Walnut/Cashew Butter
  • Coconut Milk Tonic (100% Pure Coconut Water - Vita Coco, Coconut Milk & 1 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract)
  • Weak Coffee + Coconut Milk Light + Honey
  • Cooked Carrots (then mashed) with Ghee & Cinnamon/Honey (probably only 1/2 c. or less)
  • Cooked Kombu cooked with Coconut Oil (probably only 1/2 c. or less)
I made sure to take my Probiotics, HCL, Enzymes and Fish Oil. I also took one serving of the Magnesium Citrate.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog :).

    When I flew to Atlanta for surgery in March, I packed cooled broth into quart-size bags (double-bagged), laid them on their sides in the freezer so they'd freeze flat, then taped them in brown paper and stacked them and then wrapped the whole stack with a garbage bag and packed it in my suitcase. I didn't have a single leak!

    If you have somewhere you could heat up foods, maybe this could work for you?

    (And after I typed this whole comment, I looked at the date and realized you were already traveling! Whoops...)

  2. Thank you so much for the advice! I will definitely use it for the next time I travel!

    I did fairly well with the travel, though. I was proud of myself:)

    The GAPS is amazing!