Thursday, January 21, 2010

P90X: Makes You Feel So Great!

It was another successful week for me and Mr. P90X! I completed my 3rd week today, with Round 3 of Kenpo X


I am addicted to this workkout style! Truly. Addicted. How can that picture, pose and "energy" not make you want to dive right in? 

After doing this workout for 3 weeks, I believe that the Kenpo X is my favorite workout! The workout has you moving, sweating, kicking and punching. I feel like Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby each time I do it. (Of course, let's be honest...I'm nothing like that yet!) I believe that Kenpo X is a fabulous workokut for my mind as well. It's the one workout where I am literally thinking about nothing but working harder and harder, trying to perfect each move. 

Tomorrow I head to Vegas for the weekend. I'll have to "rearrange" my P90X workouts a little. Tomorrow is technically a "rest day" and then Saturday I would head into Week 4: Recovery Week. Once I am back on Sunday I will resume into the Recovery Week. I'm looking forward to that week!

It's amazing how my entire attitude about working out has changed to a degree from P90X. Monotony is not an option for me ever again! Shaking it up, mixing it up...keeping things fresh and new is the only option here on out! 

With 20 days under my belt, I feel confident and I am excited for what's yet to come!



  1. love this post!
    I have been wanting to try P90X.
    Is this workout in the basic P90X DVD package or is it a seperate one you must buy in addition? I am clueless!
    I have heard great things thought so please keep me posted!!
    Thank you!

  2. This workout is in the DVD package. I strongly recommend it! I think you would love it!

  3. Can't wait until I get to Kenpo X! I'm starting P90X tomorrow, so I'll be giving the Kenpo a try in a few days.

  4. I love p90x!!! I have been doing it in addition to my other workouts for awhile and am stronger than I have ever been:) I am now getting ready to order the insanity workout!!! That's supposed to be even crazier~