Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 2: P90X in Full Effect

Week 2 of P90X is in Full Effect!

Week 2 is the same as week one, as far as days/workouts go. So, here I was today back at Chest/Back & the Ab Ripper X Workout!

I had some great energy this morning, since I allowed myself that (fabulous) rest day yesterday. After my Saturday morning Cup-of-Joe at the best place in Tracy, CA (Baristas: It's no wonder they get a 5-star overall rating on Yelp) I hit the gym to do a little cardio. 

(Interject - Running - Rant) I have been craving to run again! And today I finally was able to. It's been so long; oh how I've missed you my dear LunarGlides! I took it nice and slow. I did a nice, little warm up and then ran a very easy 2 miles, pacing at only about 8:49/mile. My sciatica felt great. What I'm praying for is that I can do easy, slow and light and be smarter with my running training so that I can do half marathons and (hopefully) a full this year! (Stay tuned for a *coming very soon* Running Goal posting!)

Once I got home, I ate to refuel, relaxed a minute and then dug right in to my P90X Workout for the day, Chest/Back & the Ab Ripper X. The overall workout was very similar to what I did last week (we keep sheets to track the weight/reps we do for each exercise to watch and ensure progress). 

The difference this week, on my 2nd time around with this specific workout, was that I tried to do at least 1-3 more reps than last time. My goal is to "out do" myself, even if it's just a by a tiny amount! And I did it! By the end of the Abs, though, I was shaking so badly and almost got a little dizzy. I grabbed more water and persisted on. I am so thankful I did so! Today I truly did was Tony Horton preaches, "Bring It!" 
When the going gets tough, the tough don't listen to negative thoughts in their minds. They just "get it done" until the muscles are truly and completely spent! It's all in your hands, you control that...and that's the beauty!



  1. oooh we are aquiring P90x from a friend this week. I can not WAIT , I've heard such good things!!

  2. It's amazing! I think you will love it! Prepare to work hard, but also prepare to feel great. I'm only on week 2 and I can't wait for Day 90 to come:)