Friday, January 8, 2010

P90X Rest Day & Reflections

Today I took a complete rest day for myself. I will admit, I had a little anxiety to accompany the "rest," since I like to move and be active constantly (okay except for the 8 hours of the day when I do nothing but sit at a computer)! I digress....

I enjoyed the day for the most part. The day actually got me thinking about a few things, since this morning I got my body fat percentage done again. Here is what I am starting to realize about body fat, weight, and blah...blah....blah:

  1. It's JUST a Number: These days I care more about how my jeans fit, how I feel and what my overall body fat percentage is vs. what the scale says. It seems that the "lighter" I get, the more muscle I lose. And this is actually science not just me thinking this might be the case. Some even suggest to "throw out the scale." So it's just a number. I'm only hitting the scale 1-2 x per week vs. each day. Carry on....
  2. I'm Healthy - so Who Cares?!: I think about where I was even just a year ago from today. My stomach, mouth, joints and energy were awful. I woke up in the morning not knowing how I was going to feel and wondering how bloated and lethargic I might be that day. I know what my body tolerates and does not tolerate anymore. If eating this way tips the scale to the right or left or bloats the calipers in or out, then I will stick with my theory "it is what it is."
  3. Do I really need to have only ONE Goal?: Here's the deal - For most people running (long distance) breaks down muscle, making you "lighter and softer," while lifting weights and running less (perhaps just sprinting intervals) will make you leaner and better able to retain/build muscle easier. My issue has always been, "What do I want to do with my body?" In reality, all along, I've just been confusing it. Since I never could make up my mind I'd go months with rarely any cardio and just weights and then months with hardly any weights and only cardio. I know exactly how to get either result. The problem is that I was zig-zagging between both and not seeing true results in either. Health and fitness should not come with that stress. I don't need to have ONE Goal....and that's what I'm sticking to now. My GOAL is to be super well-rounded! My personality brings out the "I want to do it all - I don't care how it's going to transform my body, just as long as I'm doing it all, getting it done, bringing it and showing up for my game every single day!" The truth is, I will be confident, bold, healthy, happy and FIT!
(But for the record, after getting my body fat percentage done today, I'm still in the "lean" category. I didn't want you all thinking I had to write this because I have failed miserably:)) 

With all of that being said, I hope you'll all get out there and move! Workout hard, but enjoy life! It's too short to not have a glass of wine at the end of the day or cake for your birthday or heck - even ColdStone just because you are driving by!

For more of these Positive thoughts check out my Dear Friend Laura Scholz post, "Size Matters!"

Happy Friday!

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  1. Good for you, Sarah! It has been a really, really long journey for me, and I still have bad days. But it's really about having energy and feeling healthy.