Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reinventing Your Life

I read an article in Oprah's Magazine (O) recently. The article was from June, 2008, so not very recent! It was called, "The One-Box-at-a-Time Way to Reinvent Your Life."

The article hit home for me. It made perfect sense and it was just another fire put underneath me to move up, on and with it

Julie Morgenstern wrote the article. She states, "Let's say you want to make a major change....but you're stsalled. Here's the thing: You can't be a new you without to some extent dismantling the old you."

Julie continues by talking about how to fully move into a new phase of your life. She says we must, "shed our old skin." And she does a pefect comparison to an article she read in National Geographic.
In nature, shedding is "a process that must occur in order for growth to be achieved." It is an ongoing process that mammals, arthropods, reptiles, and birds are engaged in most, if not all, of the time. In each case, the animal emerges fresh, lighter, and renewed."
I thought long and hard about this idea, how true it is and how I could apply it to my own life. And then I realized that I had been thinking too long and too hard about it - that was my problem - it was time to act

And I think this is exactly what Julie was talking about. It's not that the "old you" is bad, but perhaps it's just an "old you" that had gotten too complacent (with work, relationships and life in general). It is easy to get caught in the day-to-day that monotony somehow becomes OK. We leave ourselves in a place in which we don't necessarily want to be because we are unsure of how to "reinvent" this "new life."

I loved her article, and when I finally listened to my own advice, I started to move in a new direction! I am constantly saying that I love to create and then re-create myself as often as possible. My friend Row. Wallen had a quote today that could sum this all up as well: "If you aren't sure who you are, you might as well work on who you want to be." (Robert Brault)

And with that...Happy Sunday! Enjoy the wonderful day and think about how you can "shed," "move" and Reinvent Your Life! Cheers!

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  1. Sarah congratulations on your new job. I was luck to be one of the Pied Pipers. I love your enthusiasm. Thanks for the post on reinvention. I've been working on changing but your post made me realize I am stuck in over-thinking.

  2. Thank you so much! I BELIEVE in you! You were a Piper, OF COURSE you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. Good luck and please let me know if there is ever any way I might be able to help you on your own re-invention! Cheers!