Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recovery Week: P90X, Food & Vegas

I'm now in my fourth week of P90X. This is "Recovery Week," and the final week of Phase 1 already!

It's been nice to give my muscles a break this week. I've been taking time just doing some cardio, stretching, Yoga in a couple days and of course a Kenpo X session yesterday!

I love the "routine" of P90X, but I also think these "Recovery Weeks" are just what the body calls for. It's a good break from routine and schedule. I love the discipline, but I also love the rest!

This week is also a "Recovery Week" from my food disaster weekend in Vegas! I must say - I am not complaining about Vegas - we had a BLAST! But my system needs a good recovery from food and everything else. We got in to Vegas on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon my stomach was already severely bloated. Food...food...food! 

I am honoring and appreciating being back on my diet this week and recovering! I guess all good things must come to an end...that is until I return to Vegas again! Cheers!

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