Sunday, January 10, 2010

the unleashed (com)passion project

Unleash - to free from restraint or control

Compassion - deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it

Passion - a powerful emotion; boundless enthusiasm
For the past 6 months or so I've thought so much about "How can I make a difference?" I live in a "fabulous, small and bubbled-world." My "toughest" days are days that many people in the world will only dream to have. So many of us have more than we know what to do with, without even realizing it. 

This has all got me wondering, "How can I make a difference? What talents do I have that someone else could benefit from? What can I give for the greater good?" 

And with these rhetorical questions to myself, I had brainstormed the following random thoughts and ideas:
  • Running X,Y,Z for X, Y,Z
  • Helping my Godmother bring money back to her home in Vietnam
  • Helping my Aunt make her yearly trips to Africa to help those in need
  • Children and teens faced with poverty
  • Grassroots campaign
  • Health and fitness education
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Colitis and food allergy/intolerance awareness
  • Children's Education
(Again, just a random start on brainstorming!)

I know I want to make a difference, but I am having a hard time deciding on what and how. I want to make a plan and move full force with it.

I am open to suggestions and comments for this new project I'd like to begin this 2010 and stick with, build upon and make my own!

I have named this "the unleashed (com)passion project." 

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions here.

Or email me HERE.

As Rick Warren stated in The Purpose Driven Life, "It's not about You." It doesn't take a miracle to make miracles happen. It takes one person to put one foot forward...and then the next!



  1. This is awesome! I've found the organization I am passionate about (and very close to) and have started running/racing and fundraising FOR them. It puts so much more purpose into my training!

    My suggestion is to pin point one cause you want to start with and go from there. Do you want to start an organization, or work with one already in existance? If you find an organization you want to work with, contact them. They will have tons of ideas for you as to how you can help, whether it be fundraising, volunteering, etc.

    Good for you! And good luck to you!

  2. Hmm.... perhaps you can roll all of the above into one thing. Run three races raising money for your Godmother, Aunt, and children/ teens. You can start a grassroots campaign by spreading the word to fellow runners, etc., about what problems these people face and getting them to join your cause. You can hold a running clinic or something and get a group of kids (maybe even ones with food allergies) to run the last mile. I'm sure you will educate and inspire along the way. =) Good luck with your decision! Awesome way to start the New Year.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I'm just about finished with a fabulous book called "Give A Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World" by Wendy Smith. It breaks down the numbers showing how our small collective donations have a huge impact in making our world a better place. Wendy gives some fantastic recommendations of incredible charities that I think you'll find really interesting.
    In fact, the book inspired us to start a small family monthly giving program. I've written a little about it at
    Good luck with your project! I love the name of it!

  4. You all have some fabulous ideas and great things to say! I appreciate your comments so much! Bless all of you:)