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Friday, May 29, 2009

An A+ Day.

Day 47.

Today I had an A+ day on many different fronts.

I think the 2 diegestive enzymes at lunch helped me immensely! I still had a little twisting, but not too much. My mouth stayed consistent at a 2/3, possibly even a 1/2. It was terrific!

Other areas of my life are really transpiring in such a positive way as well! You should never, ever, ever give up hope! There is always something right around the corner waiting.....just waiting for you! Believe it! More to come on this in the near future, hopefully!

Here was my day:


  • Nutribiotic Vanilla Rice Protein Powder with Unsweetened Rice Milk, Coconut Milk Light, Banana, Flax, and Stevia
  • 1/2 Fruit Fusion Bar (Dried Apple and Cranberry)
  • Small coffee with Coconut Milk Light and Stevia
  • Organic Apple
  • Sweet Apple Chicken Link
  • Lean Hamburger Meat
  • Olive Oil
  • Spring Mix
  • Orange
  • Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta (Garbanzo beans, cinnamon, red peppers)
  • 1 Scallop with Lemon
  • Organic Apple
  • 1 Scallop with Lemon
  • Chile Lime Chicken Burger
  • Spring Mix
  • Fish Oil + Spirulina + Sea Salt
  • Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta (Garbanzo beans, cinnamon, red peppers)
  • Dried Banana
  • Red Wine

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