Friday, May 1, 2009

And then life happend....

Day 19.

And then life happened...nothing more, nothing less!

I have been away from home and in San Francisco since last night. I will be here until tomorrow morning. I've had a lot of "big plans" and "great ideas." Unfortunately, most of them have fallen through. Life happened.

Working out - had every intention of it. I love working out. I had about 4 workout outfits packed. But, as it turns out, rain, rain, rain in the city. Part of my "fitness to do's" for the week included a one-day san francisco 60+ minute run. That didn't happen! As a matter of fact, no workout happened!

I had every intention of finding some great, healthy, plain food while here. And again, that didn't happen. Someone at the convention told me today, "Oh lunch will be fine for you. It's just chicken and rice." Ha! We all know by now that "just chicken and rice" never is just chicken and rice! And someone else at the convention said, "San Francisco is a 'heaven' for all you foodies out there." Unfortunately, I am a foodie, but unfortunately, this was not a heaven for me! I wish it would have been.

I barely ate all day. I was too scared to. However, around 8pm I was so hungry. I decided to try the hotel restaurant. I went to the St. Francisco Oak Room. Wonderful! I asked for Salmon, vegetables and a baked potato - PLAIN! And, miraculously, plain is what I got! It was such a great dinner, with wine of course! I am so pleased and happy with what they gave me. Thank GOD I had a restaurant that "got me!" It was a more spendy place to dine, but what a "treat" nonetheless!

Here were all the things I missed out on today when "life happened:"
  • All supplements
  • Workout
  • San Francisco Run
  • Quaker oats + a few raisins
  • Mixed fruit (blackberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberry)
  • Organic Raw Carrots
  • Organic Apple
  • Orange
  • Tazo Green Tea
  • 2.5 Glasses Red Wine
  • Salmon
  • Baked Potato + Salt
  • Mushrooms
Let me say this...NO stomach problems today. BARELY any mouth problems....and -

I guess we just move on. We don't worry about it! After all, "life just happened."

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