Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Day 17.

You will notice a gap from Day 15 until today - Day 17.

Yesterday was such an odd day for me. My mouth was consistently around a level 2 only! It annoyed me a little bit more at night, but nothing too bad. However, around 3pm yesterday I got super fatigued.

Let me explain what I mean when I use the term "fatigued." My body feels like a dead weight. I'm not tired in the sense that I want to sleep and sleep and sleep, usually. Typically, it's just that I physically feel so exhausted.

Tuesday nights are usually a big workout night for me. I usually do cardio, then extreme abs class, then more cardio and end with a 1.25 hour session of Yoga! However, last night, I made it through the cardio and extreme abs, (but barely) and I was done! Since I'm really starting to listen to my body, I knew it was telling me that I should not continue with 1.5 more hours of working out!

I got home. I ate dinner because I was so hungry. After dinner, I grabbed an orange and watched American Idol. Shortly after, I fell asleep.

I had every intention of writing last night, but came up short when my body just wouldn't allow it.

I am still feeling the fatigue this morning. I hope the day gets better!

More to come least I hope.

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