Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nothing Changes IF Nothing Changes

Welcome to Day 7!

It's Sunday, so it only seems right that I give thanks and praise for everything wonderful! After all, I'm sitting here writing this and reflecting on a beautiful day, what could be more wonderful than that?!

Today at church I heard 2 very important things. The first was, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." This truly resonated with me on many different levels, but for the purposes of this, I will speak on behalf of this journey.

It seems so simple: Nothing changes if nothing changes. Here I was, though, 5 years ago. I wondered day in and day out what on earth could be wrong with me. I went to doctor after doctor and the only "change" they had in mind for me was to "take a new drug" or "find a new prescription" that might temporarily help. BUT...truly no change.

And then fast forward 2 years when I did my detox. I knew something was strange then when I felt so much better - magically. I attempted and actually made a change. Day 1 of not detoxing and putting the food/chemicals back into my body, though, everything reverted back to misery. Essentially, nothing changed because nothing changed.

For me, now, I really don't have any choice but to take this journey and make this lifelong change. But, for anyone else who feels drained, lethargic, sick, tired, sad, weak, bloated, irritable and on and on and do have the choice to make this change. But in order to really make the change, there must be the commitment to make a change!

(I will keep the 2nd very important thing I heard until the end!)

I feel better than I did yesterday, but I'm tired today and my stomach is still doing some crazy gymnastics. I am not spending my whole day dwelling on what went wrong, but instead getting prepared for the week ahead! I made up a large batch of spinach/garlic this morning, along with quinoa.

I have such a sweet tooth. Ryan and my Mother split a "S'Mores Chocolate" from Michael Recchiuti Confections today. I was so jealous. If you have never had a Michael Recchiuti chocolate and are able to, I strongly recommend it! But I couldn't have one. For anyone out there who knows me, I.LOVE.SWEETS! I have the biggest sweet tooth. No one needs sweets all the time - that's how we get an overgrowth of sugar in us, but a treat from time-to-time would be so nice.

To satisfy this "edge," I am going to be employing this great woman, Alaine, that I know. Before I found out all of my allergies, I was eating (religiously) her Vegan Fruit Fusion Bars. Turns out, though, there is Soy Lecithin, Barley and Tofu in them. I let her know that I will need some modifications made. She is excited to work with me. I know that eventually I will find my own ways and means to "dessert," but for now, she will be a huge help to me.

Here was my day:


  • Nutribiotic Chocolate Rice Protein Powder with Unsweetened Rice Milk, Spirulina, Fish Oil, Banana and Stevia
  • Organic Carrots
  • Organic Apples
  • Organic Romaine Lettuce + Organic Spinach + Garlic Cloves
  • Homemade Dressing (ACV + Olive Oil + Cinnamon) + Sea Salt
Post-Workout Snack
  • Organic Raw Carrots
  • Raw Walnuts
  • Organic Apple
  • Organic Romaine Lettuce + Organic Spinach + Organic Basil + Organic Arugula + Garlic + Lemon Juice + Sea Salt
  • Homemade Dressing
  • Organic, Corn Tortillas
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Dried Banana Flats
Side Note on Dinner: I made up a batch of this Organic Basil + Organic Arugula + Garlic/Lemon Juice/Sea Salt. Such a great combination! Once it's made, you just use a little to "top off" your salad.

I am now fully ready to begin week 2! It was a very successful week, overall. I had a few minor bumps, which, even though they have definitely set me back, are still just "minor bumps."
And as promised, my 2nd very important thing I heard today, which I want and need to remember for this upcoming week....

"Enjoy the Ride - Enjoy the Process." - Matt Berry

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